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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Wednesday


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Aloha! When you get the time, be sure to head over to Seahawks Draft Blog and give the latest 3000 NFL Mock Draft Podcast a listen. Great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming draft, and gives some tools to evaluate players and their potential fit with the Seahawks. I'll get another post up in the next couple of days as it is finally my weekend and I'll have some free time. Hope everyone has a great day!

And the links!

Podcast, Vernon Butler & the facts on TEF | Seahawks Draft Blog
In this weeks podcast Kenny and I get into some serious draft talk with just over two weeks to go.

Todd McShay on Joshua Perry, other versatile LBs who could appeal to the Seahawks

When Bruce Irvin left for Oakland in free agency, the Seahawks lost a versatile defender who set the edge on early downs and rushed the passer in nickel situations. Could Seattle find a strong-side linebacker in one of the first three rounds of the draft who can do both?

2016 NFL draft prospects connected to the Seahawks -


Mock Draft Tracker: Defensive Tackle a Popular Pick for Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks

A look at what various draft experts see the Seahawks doing with the 26th pick of the 2016 draft.

Seahawks looking to trade down again?

With the way this year's NFL draft class is stacked up, it's looking like the Seattle Seahawks may be wise to trade down from their current spot.....again.

ESPN: Russell Wilson greatest Seahawks draft move since 2011

The Seahawks draft record since John Schneider and Pete Carroll took over in the Emerald City has been exceptional. So how do you pick just one player that stands out among the rest? Well, Russell Wilson has made that task relatively easy in all actuality.

A.J. Tarpley on retiring early from Buffalo Bills; NFL mailbag | The MMQB with Peter King

After explaining his rationale for retiring at 23, the ex-Bills linebacker discusses his final play, head trauma and players walking away. Plus reader mailbag questions on Will Smith’s death, Von Miller and more

Report: Browns would consider trading out of second spot | ProFootballTalk

One of the seemingly accepted truths of the 2016 NFL Draft is that with the second pick, the Browns are going to take a quarterback. But there's a chance they might not take anyone.

PFF: Frank Clark nets passing grade in first year

Defensive end Frank Clark's year is definitely one to grow on, but it might have been more successful than most realized.

Using data to predict the arrest rates of NFL draft picks

Is there a correlation between players who get in trouble in college and players that get in trouble in the pros? Studies seem to indicate there is.

Agent's Take: Here's four big trades that make sense for contenders -

The Broncos need a quarterback, the Dolphins are looking for a running back, the Seahawks have a gaping hole at left tackle and the Colts could use a defensive superstar. Here's a trade for veteran talents for each of those teams.

Report: Leon Hall underwent offseason back surgery -

Former Bengals cornerback Leon Hall is one of the biggest names left on the free agent market. Is he still unsigned because he underwent back surgery after the season?

Better comeback candidate: Colin Kaepernick or RGIII? -

You sent questions, Dan Hanzus has answers. Some of them may even make sense, depending on your perspective. Thanks to everyone who took part in the latest Around The NFL Mailbag.

Doug Baldwin has earned superstar money | Cover32

Doug Baldwin was always an underrated wide receiver. In 2015 he blew the lid off his ceiling and became one of the top receivers in the sport.

Seahawks pay tribute to Kobe Bryant | Cover32
Love him or hate him, Kobe Bryant is a rare competitor that's had an enormous influence on pro athletes, including the Seahawks.