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John Schneider on the Draft, free agency, and Jimmy Graham, Thomas Rawls' injuries

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks GM John Schneider joined Mitch Levy on Sports Radio KJR this morning and had some really interesting comments. A lot of credit to Levy too for asking some really good questions as well. A few notes:

-- John Schneider: "This is one of those drafts, from a numbers standpoint, this is the best draft since we've been here. So, since 2010, sheer numbers -- we usually have 130-140 guys on our board -- we're going to have about 200 this year."

-- Schneider reiterated that the Seahawks grade against their team, not the NFL, so team needs help dictate grades. In other words, if Seattle needs offensive linemen (i.e., they don't have their own linemen highly graded), those draft guys get priority and/or a higher grade.

-- Schneider: Sees Chris Clemons as a guy that can take some of Bruce Irvin's situational rushes

-- Schneider: Did not know how the Seahawks would be able to compete for Jermaine Kearse and Jeremy Lane; was huge to re-sign them.

-- Schneider said that at this point, if either Thomas Rawls or Jimmy Graham are not ready for the regular season, he would be shocked. He did not know for sure if Rawls/Graham would miss time in the preseason. JS said he wouldn't really care if that were the case (laughs).