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10 stats that prove the Seahawks' offense is ready to soar to a historically elite status in 2016

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 season concluded with a dynamic display by the Seahawks' offense. Russell Wilson and his offense as a whole progressed to another level previously unwitnessed. Of course, some of these players have left for other teams in free agency (most notably on the offensive line). However, I believe the Seahawks' offense will make 2015's second-half play appear amateurish. With Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls recovering and rehabbing for the 2016 season, the Seahawks' front office should look to target the offensive line as a main area of concern in the 2016 NFL Draft.

But the focus comes back to Russell Wilson.

In 2015, Russell Wilson established himself as one of the premier pocket passers in the league. His dual threat ability, excellent decision-making, and killer instinct raised the offense to a new level of proficiency. With the recent negativity surrounding the offense (and mainly the offense line), I thought I would present several stats to increase your positivity.

Stat 1: Per Football Outsiders, the Seahawks had the 30th best pass protection in 2015. And Russell Wilson threw for 34 touchdowns with a 68.1% completion rate and 8.3 YPA.

Stat 2: Of all quarterbacks through their first four seasons, Russell Wilson has the second highest passer rating in NFL history -- at 101.8.

Stat 3: Of all quarterbacks in NFL history to throw for 4000+ yards and less than 10 INT, Russell Wilson had the 5th highest passing TD percentage (2015).

Stat 4: Per Pro Football Reference, Baldwin had the #1 catch rate of all wide receivers in 2015. Tyler Lockett at #6. Jermaine Kearse at #7.

Stat 5: Of all rookie wide receivers with at least 650 receiving yards, Tyler Lockett had the 2nd best catch percentage in NFL history.

Stat 6: Of all rookie running backs to rush for 800 yards or more, Thomas Rawls has the 2nd highest yards per carry in NFL history - at 5.65.

Stat 7: Thomas Rawls averaged a higher yards per carry as a rookie than Adrian Peterson did his rookie season.

Stat 8: If Rawls had the same workload Lynch had in 2014 (280 carries), Rawls would have projected somewhere in the neighborhood of 1600 rushing yards.

Stat 9: Baldwin scored too many touchdowns to count (14).

Stat 10: Tyler Lockett is a very fast little runt (indisputable, factual evidence).

Something that I feel gets lost in the negativity is the realization of current talent on the roster. The Seahawks have one of the best young quarterbacks in NFL history, a promising young running back on the cheap for the next two years, and explosive receivers as playmakers. The future is bright.