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Seahawks 2016 Schedule Speculation: Will Seattle be featured in NFL Primetime games?

New narratives for a new season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, at 5:00 pm PT, we will finally learn what the Seahawks' 2016 regular season journey will look like. We've known since January who they will play at home and on the road, but tonight we'll get a look at how everything shakes out, from the arrangement of the schedule to the number of primetime games the Seahawks will appear in.

Here is the list of opponents the Seahawks will face in the regular season:


Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals (Div.)
Los Angeles Rams (Div.)
San Francisco 49ers (Div.)


New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Green Bay Packers
Arizona Cardinals (Div.)
Los Angeles Rams (Div.)
San Francisco 49ers (Div.)

Will the Seahawks get any primetime matchups this year?

There are a good amount of match-ups that I'm sure the NFL will take into consideration for primetime games. The Carolina game seems like an obvious candidate for a primetime game, since it features a prominent NFL rivalry between two teams with astounding defenses and arguably two of the best QBs in the NFL, with Cam Newton and Russell Wilson.

The two other non-divisional match-ups that look destined for primetime are the away games against Green Bay and New England. The Green Bay matchup still has the stigma from the 2015 NFC Championship game on top of the other competitive games these two teams have played in the past. The game is also another example of a great QB matchup featuring Aaron Rodgers and Wilson.

And then there's the New England game... The Seahawks and Patriots have not played each other since the Seahawks won SB XLIX on a Marshawn Lynch goal-line touchdown the play that shall not be named. If the NFL doesn't make this a Sunday Night game and promote the heck out of it, I will be very surprised, as it seems like the type of game the league would be all over.

The divisional match-ups also have a few interesting storylines to offer. Assuming the NFL continues its trend of pairing divisional opponents on Thursday nights, outside of a few games, you can most likely expect the Seahawks to face any of the three. Both games against the Cardinals will garner several headlines as these teams are ultra competitive and both have a chip on their shoulder for the way they finished their seasons last year. Another game that should hold a nice narrative will be the Seahawks game at Los Angeles, where Pete Carroll will make a return to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to coach his first game there since leaving USC.

No matter how the schedule turns out, the Seahawks will continue to carry the mantra that every game is a "Championship Game."


Note: If you missed it last week, the NFL also announced the schedule for the 2016 NFL Preseason. The Seahawks will open on the road against Kansas City, then they will head back to Seattle for back to back weeks against Minnesota and Dallas, and to wrap up their schedule they will play in Oakland.