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Seahawks Schedule 2016: The intrigue rankings

Ranking all 16 Seahawks games by excitement and intrigue.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL released its schedule for the entire 2016/17 season on Thursday night at five o'clock, or, about an hour after anyone with the internet saw it first.  After a couple rough schedules following the Super Bowl season of 2013, the Seahawks got a pretty good draw overall.  Five prime-time games, three of which are in Seattle, and just two 10 am starts.  Some great match ups to look forward to this fall featuring old and new foes.  Here is the Seahawks schedule ranked 16-1 by interest level.

16. vs L.A. Rams, Week 15 - TNF

The annual meeting of Rams defensive lineman at Russell Wilson will take place once again in December, this time on Thursday Night Football.  This game comes four days after Seattle and Green Bay bludgeon one another for three hours and will feature the NFL's super hip and cool color rush jerseys.  Jeff Fisher + Phil Simms = Last in my intrigue rankings.

15. vs Philadelphia Eagles, Week 11

I hate to have two home games at the bottom of this list, but Sam Bradford's return to Seattle doesn't grab me.  This could change if the Eagles make a play to get one of the draft's top quarterbacks, but as of right now Doug Pederson and co. are in 7-9 company.  Can't wait to watch Fletcher Cox against Justin Britt!

14. @ San Francisco 49ers, Week 17

Seems like the NFL missed out on a potential prime-time division deciding game between the Cardinals and Seahawks here.  Instead it'll be the Seahawks second trip to the booby trap that is Levi Stadium field,  Remember when the Seahawks and 49ers were the two best games of the NFL season?

13. @ New York Jets, Week 4

Brandon Marshall against Richard Sherman will be fun.  Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams against the Seattle offensive line, not so much.  Add in a 10 am start and the possibility of Geno Smith starting and you get the thirteenth most intriguing game on Seattle's schedule.

12. @ New Orleans Saints, Week 8

By week eight the Seahawks will certainly have Thomas Rawls at 100% and Jimmy Graham may also be healthy in time to return against his former team.  Two high powered offenses and one really bad defense, again at 10 am.  Games at the SuperDome are a lot more interesting in prime-time.

11. @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 12

Seahawks fans get their first look at Jameis Winston against Seattle, and they avoided a 10 am start!  Mike Evans against Richard Sherman will be a battle of towers.  An NFC power against one of the conference's up and coming teams makes for a fun match-up.

10. vs Atlanta Falcons, Week 6

Former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn brings his new outfit to Seattle for the first time.  Richard Sherman gets yet another good test against star receiver Julio Jones.

9. vs San Francisco 49ers, Week 3

First look at Chip Kelly's offense in San Francisco and a possible first look at the new 49ers signal caller.  Or, more hilariously, Blaine Gabbert.  No matter how far they've fallen, I can always get behind a good 'ol 49ers beat down at CenturyLink Field.

8. vs Miami Dolphins, Week 1

First game of the season at home, I'll be as pumped for this game as any.  There's just bigger match-ups on the schedule so it comes in at number eight.  All of Adam Gase's work with Ryan Tannehill over the summer undone on a beautiful afternoon in Seattle, avenging one of the most frustrating losses of the Pete Carroll era.

7. @ Green Bay, Week 14

Packers versus Seahawks rarely disappoints and this surely won't be an exception.  Two of the game's best quarterbacks and two of the league's best teams in a December match-up that could have home-field implications come playoffs.

6. @ L.A. Rams, Week 2

The Seahawks first game against the new/old look Los Angeles Rams, at Pete Carroll's old stomping grounds, no less.  It'll be the first look the home Rams fans will get at their new franchise quarterback, and the first game back in Los Angeles.  Bonus: Not at the Edward Jones Dome!

5. vs Arizona Cardinals, Week 16

A Christmas Eve game that will almost certainly leave Cardinals fans hurriedly taking Russell Wilson off their Christmas card list.  It may not have the animosity and bad blood the 49ers and Seahawks had during Harbaugh's time, but Arizona represents Seattle's toughest challenge in the conference.  No awesome dance from Drew Stanton this time!

4. @ Arizona Cardinals, Week 7 - SNF

For all the aforementioned reasons, plus in prime-time!  The past couple of meetings between the Cardinals and Seahawks in the desert have gone the way of Seattle, with a combined score of 71-12 at University of Phoenix stadium since 2014.

3. vs Buffalo Bills, Week 9 - MNF

Something about Monday Night football in Seattle that will always make me giddy as all hell leading up to it.  Endless shots of Pike Place Market, Nirvana playing Mike and Jon out to commercials and a football game to boot!  Plus, the last time Rex Ryan visited Seattle, Golden Tate threw a touchdown to Sidney Rice!

2. @ New England Patriots, Week 10 - SNF

These two NFL heavyweights finally get to complete the game they started at Super Bowl XLIX, before it inexplicably cut to commercial only to never return after Marshawn Lynch's first and goal carry with a little over ninety seconds left.  Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll featuring Al and Cris.  Now that's good television.

1. vs Carolina Panthers, Week 13 - SNF

Duh.  A rematch of the Seahawks playoff loss in Carolina this January, this time in Seattle.  The sixth meeting between Cam Newton and Russell Wilson (including playoffs), in prime-time, late in the season.  It really doesn't get better then this.

There you have it, Field Gulls readers!  Set your excitement gauge's accordingly and then patiently wait until that sweet first Sunday.  Any games you're looking forward to for specific reasons?  Let us know in the comments.