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Brandon Browner re-signs with Seahawks

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have re-signed veteran cornerback -- and founding member of the Legion of Boom -- Brandon Browner.

Browner will add to the competition at cornerback and while we haven't yet seen the contract details, he's likely to be in a similar situation as Chris Clemons, with little guaranteed money and a position where he has to compete to make the roster. Browner was the most-penalized player in the NFL last year and did not fare well in New Orleans' system, but Seattle evidently thinks that he can still thrive in the scheme that put him on the map back in 2011.

Also similar to Clemons, I think that Browner brings a toughness and attitude to the Seahawks -- both won the Super Bowl with Seattle back in 2013 and were integral as leaders in their groups. For lack of a better word, both are salty dogs that play with a certain intensity that I'm sure the front office and coaches like. They're intimidators.

I mean, it honestly just does take a special kind of dude to do something like this on a fair-catch.

We'll see how it all shakes out in training camp and preseason -- Browner is not a sure-shot as a starter or even as depth -- but it's really fun to see him back with the team regardless. Who knows, maybe back in the system he's most comfortable in, he'll regain the form that made him a Pro Bowler back in 2011.