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NFL Draft 2016: Seahawks VMAC visits and workouts tracker

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Going back through to 2010, John Schneider and Pete Carroll's first year running Seahawks' drafts, the pre-draft VMAC visits list has been an important one to study. Last season, we tracked 26 of the 30 allowed official VMAC visits, using sources and twitter, and of those players, seven (Mark Glowinski, Terry Poole, Frank Clark, Josh Shirley, Tory Slater, Kristjan Sokoli, and Justin Hamilton) ended up in Seattle at one point or another.

That's a pretty incredible "hit" list, honestly, considering the hundreds and hundreds of players in this draft. It shows that Seattle uses their official visits allowance on players they are genuinely interested in, or, many of them anyway. With that in mind, here's what Davis Hsu (and others) have tracked thus far in the run-up to this year's Draft. Pay attention to these names very closely.


Who stands out? Who did we miss?