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NFL Draft 2016 - The Armchair GM Championship

It's that time of year again.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2016 Armchair GM Challenge! Last year we had a record setting 142 submissions, up from 82 the previous year. That's awesome, and I'd love to see even more participation this year.

As always, a special thanks to Ben Harbaugh who started this 5 years ago.

How it works

The Armchair GM Championship is a confidence poll, much like the ones you may have done for the college football bowl season. Everyone will submit a list of 20 names that they believe the Seahawks will draft, in order of  how confident they are that the player will be picked by Seattle. The first name on your list will be worth 30 points, the second name 29 points, the third 28 points, and so on and so forth. Once the draft is over, we'll add up everyone's points and see which one of us is actually John Schneider in disguise.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided based first off of who picked the most players, then who had the highest scoring correct pick, then by who had the higher scoring pick from the lowest round.

For an example of how this works, let's look at slarson's, last year's winner, submission:

Ty Montgomery, Hroniss Grasu, Tyler Lockett, Rob Crisp, Kristjan Sokoli, Mark Glowinski, Vince Mayle, Cody Prewitt, Nick Marshall, Terry Poole, Ty Sambrailo, Frank Clark, Darren Waller, Mike Davis, Xavier Cooper, Donovan Smith,  Alex Carter, Stephone Anthony, Rakeem Nunez-Roches, Tony Lippett

Slarson hit on Tyler Lockett (28 points), Kristjan Sokoli (26 points), Mark Glowinski (25 points), Terry Poole (21 points), and Frank Clark (19 points), for a total of 119 points.

Submitting your picks

In past years, we've simply had people put their picks in the comments section. This year we're moving to using Google forms for collecting submissions.

2016 Armchair GM Challenge Ballot

When entering names into the form, only use the first and last name of the player. The school, position, and other information isn't needed. This will make things easier when it comes time to score everyone's picks.

Everyone is welcome to share their picks in the comments so we can point and laugh, steal your good ideas, and talk draft, but only picks submitted through the form will be counted. Also, in the interest of transparency in this very serious competition, anyone can view the submissions here.

The deadline for submitting your picks is the start of the draft. April 28th, 5:00PM PDT.

I was told there would be prizes

Due to budget cuts, we will only be able to give the following prizes:

  • First place - Bragging rights and a spot in the Hall of Champions.

  • Second place - Nothing.

Hall of Champions

  • 2015: slarson (119 points)

  • 2014: mihirkuthar (65 points)

  • 2013: Nate Dogg (68 points)

  • 2012: HI Hawk 808 (72 points)

Fun with numbers

Last years top five scorers

  • Slarson - 119 points

  • bobbyj0708 - 107 points

  • Demoralizing Defense - 103 points

  • DeepHeat - 100 points

  • Tie: Maury Povich & Frostillicus33 - 97 points

What was the average score per list?

  • 2015: 44.9

  • 2014: 16.3

  • 2013: 17.1

  • 2012: 34.4

How many lists predicted at least one player in 2015?

  • 2015: 87%

  • 2014: 58%

  • 2013: 61%

  • 2012: 96%

Top 5 most picked players from 2015

  • Ty Montgomery: 77%

  • Chris Conley: 63%

  • Ali Marpet: 60%

  • Mitch Morse: 58%

  • Hroniss Grasu: 53%

How often was each player from the 2015 class picked?

  • Mark Glowinski: 52%

  • Kristjan Sokoli: 49%

  • Frank Clark: 45%

  • Tyler Lockett: 27%

  • Terry Poole: 18%

  • Tye Smith: 7%

  • Ryan Murphy: 6.3%

  • Obum Gwatcham: 2.1%

Let the games begin!

Good luck everybody! And remember, only picks submitted using the 2016 Armchair GM Challenge Ballot will be accepted!