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3000 NFL Mock Draft: The podcast 2 days before the draft

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's draft week! The moment (or in this case a series of moments strung together, much like this little thing we call "life") we've been waiting for on 3000 NFL Mock Draft is almost here. Me and Rob Staton of have been getting together every single week for the last eight or nine months just to talk about the 2016 NFL Draft and it is now just two days away. We did another episode of the show, which you can listen to right here below (subscribe on iTunes though please!), but we will also be back TOMORROW for another episode. Then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, pretty much, or around there.

So give it a listen as we talk about Seahawks trade possibilities and midround targets and cryptic messages from John Schneider. Then come back tomorrow and do it again ... It's all just another one of those moments in that thing we call Life.