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NFL Draft 2016: Ranking the offensive tackles

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Here are my final offensive tackle rankings. These will be shorter than some of my previous posts, as the Draft is soon upon us, but here they are nonetheless:


Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss:

6050, 310 lb, 34.25 arm, 83.0 wing:  I have never seen an offensive tackle move and change direction like Tunsil.  Truly a talent that only comes around perhaps once every 5-10 years.

Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame:

6056, 312 lb, 35.625 arm, 84.25 wing:  Stanley has all the size and length to do everything you want in run and pass in a left tackle.  Top 15 type player to me.  34% SPARQ percentile. 

Jack Conklin, Michigan State:

6056, 308 lb, 35 arm, 83.25 wing:  48% SPARQ percentile. Conklin tested better than many expected.  Tough player who can play right or left tackle in the NFL, I think.  Should go Top 20.

Taylor Decker, Ohio State:

6070, 310 lb, 33.75 arm, 82.875 wing.  23% SPARQ percentile.  Decker may not wow you with any one thing, but is a very functional player and does what he needs to do.  That's what you want at O-line.


Germaine Ifedi, Texas A&M:

6056, 324 lb, 36 arm, 84.8 wing.  76% SPARQ percentile.  I think he tested more athletic than he looks on tape.  Relies a bit too much on big length in upper body -- not great in space -- but I think as a right tackle he could be possible plug and play.  Could probably also be a good guard.  Had big 32.5 inch vert and 9-1 broad jump. 

Jason Spriggs, Indiana: 

6055, 301 lb, 34.125 arm, 81.325 wing.  92% SPARQ percentile.  The highest testing tackle in this class.  Spriggs ripped up the combine with a 4.94 forty,  Short shuttle of 4.44,  31 bench, 31.5 vert, 9-7 broad.  Not a bully, and probably needs to get a bit bigger and stronger up top, but NFL will love his athleticism and feet.  Should go high. 

Shon Coleman, Auburn:

6054, 307 lb, 35.125 arm, 83.5 wing.  Recovering from a torn MCL so did not test, but based on tape he may be the best run blocking OT in this class.  Can play left tackle, but to me I think his ideal position in the NFL is right tackle.  Overaged.

Le'Raven Clark, Texas Tech:

6052, 316 lb, 36.125 wing, 85.75 wing.  Clark may go higher than all of these 2nd rounders as he has the longest wingspan of every OT with a draftable grade.  The thing is -- he has good feet too.  A team that goes for him may run a more short passing type offense.  May not have the same value for every team, but it is a passing league.


Kyle Murphy, Stanford:

6063, 305 lb, 33.5 arm, 80.5 wing.  Never tested due to hamstring.  Reminds me a bit of Decker in that he is a tall player without super good length.  Like Decker, he does all the right stuff -- but may never wow you.  Can get after it in the run game, and his pass pro is pretty solid, in my opinion. I would use him at right tackle in the NFL.  Played left tackle in 2015 and played right tackle previously. 

Joe Haeg, North Dakota State:

6060, 304 lb, 33.75 arm, 80.375 wing.  74% SPARQ percentile.  Rarely tested at the level of competition he played, but he played well protecting Carson Wentz and in the run game.  Probably the type of player that could play four offensive line positions outside of center, and should have value as such in Day 2.  9 foot 3 inch broad with a good cone drill at 7.47.  I think his market will be strong. 

Caleb Benenoch, UCLA:.

6054, 311 lb, 34.125 arm, 82.5 wing.  52% SPARQ percentile.  I think he is a right tackle in the NFL.  Tested solid outside of his agility times (shuttle over 5 seconds and 3-cone over 8 seconds).  He can play guard as well.  May struggle a bit against more athletic edge rushers, but may not be an ideal power player inside at guard.  Still think his value is somewhere in this late Round 3 or early Round 4 range.


Tyler Johnstone, Oregon:

6054, 301 lb, 34 arm, 83.375 wing.  58% SPARQ percentile.  I have never seen Johnstone rated as high as I have him here, but I truly think he has talent.  At times he flashes the natural talent that probably had him as a Day 1 or Day 2 player before two knee injuries.  At other times he looks like he is out of whack and still regaining his footing athletically.  30.5 vert.  Good agility at 7.31 cone.  He can change direction and recover and shows a little feistiness in the run game too.  I could see Seattle. and also Chip Kelly liking him.

Halapoulivaati Vaitai, TCU:

6060, 320 lb, 34.25 arm, 82.5 wing.  80% SPARQ percentile.  Stacked a great Pro Day on top of a good combine.  27 bench.  32 inch vert.  9-5 broad.   This classic set of "Cable Triangle" numbers means Vaitai is one to watch for Seattle.  Athletic and big but not nasty play after play in the run game.  Pass pro can be spotty at times, but I thought in final bowl game he held up better. 

Alex Lewis, Nebraska:

6060, 312 lb, 34 arm, 81.25 wing.  35% SPARQ percentile.  Character red flags from an assault back before he transferred to Nebraska and some things said to fans in Nebraska may have him off some team's boards.  I think there is enough talent there that there will be a market for him.  Probably a right tackle in the NFL.  Does most things right, is tough, and fundamentals look good.  Average athlete but not a stiff. 

Jerald Hawkins, LSU:

6055, 305 lb, 34.25 arm, 82.5 wing.  3% SPARQ percentile.  Tested downright awful for a tackle.  Vert only 23.5 inches.  Cone of 8.16.  8-4 broad jump.  Plays better than his testing numbers and generally can get it done.  Skinny legs and lower body.  Tape and pedigree probably puts him in Round 4.  Probably a right tackle in the NFL.

5th Round

John Theus, Georgia:

6064, 313, 34.5 arm, 82.125 wing.  23% SPARQ percentile.  I think Theus has value in the NFL at this juncture in the Draft as a swing tackle with possible future starter upside.  Does everything okay, but may not have one outstanding trait. 

Fahn Cooper, Ole Miss:

6044, 303 lb, 34.75 arm, 83.125 wing.  8% SPARQ percentile.  I originally thought I would put Cooper down lower than this, but the more I watch him I had to bring him up here (if not higher).  Cooper can play both right and left tackle.  Had to take the JUCO route and may not be a top level athlete, but I feel he plays tough.  I like him. 

Brandon Shell, South Carolina:

6053, 324 lb, 34.75 arm, 84.5 wing.  78% SPARQ percentile.  Tested off the chart but I don't see that on tape.  Has NFL bloodlines but I see a guy who struggles to redirect and gets caught leaning.  Pedigree may take him up higher than this.  Massive man with potential. 

Dominique Robertson, West Georgia:

6045, 324 lb, 36 arm, 86.25 wing. 21% SPARQ percentile.  Massive wingspan and big time potential but played mostly against lower competition.  Best football may be ahead of him.  30 bench reps.  Hard to find tape on this guy, but the little I saw looked solid. 

6th Round

Stephane Nembot, Colorado:

6066, 322, 34.625 wing, 82.875 wing.  23% SPARQ tester.  Big, long player is probably a right tackle in the NFL.  Testing was okay.  Did have a 32 rep bench.  Balance not super great and a bit awkward at times. 

Willie Beavers, Western Michigan:

6045, 321, 33.5 arm, 80.625 wing.  19% SPARQ percentile.  Not a great tester and I felt the tape looked shaky in pass pro.  A lot of folks had him higher than this but I didn't see it. 

Avery Young, Auburn:

6045, 328, 33.75 arm, 84.75 wing.  7% SPARQ percentile.  Played opposite Shon Coleman. Can play multiple positions and a big, thick player.  May be a guard at the next level. 

Justin Murray, Cincinnati:

6045, 300 lb.  71% SPARQ percentile.  One of those guys who broad jumped 9 foot 8 inches.  Ran a 4.93.  30 inch vert. 27 bench.  Good tester, so one to watch for Seattle.  Not super nasty in the run game on a snap on snap basis and pass pro seems a bit shaky at times. 

7th Round/UDFA

I don't want to write too much negative on these guys below, but I think their value is Round 7 or below.. 

Cole Toner, Harvard
Tyler Marz, Wisconsin
Denver Kirkland, Arkansas (probably a guard if anything at the next level)
Jordan Swindle, Kentucky


Again, friendly reminder for 3 housekeeping things:

First, I wanted to note that I graded Connor McGovern, Joe Dahl, Anthony Fabiano, Joe Thuney, Rees Odhiambo and Spencer Drango as guards, so that is why they are not on this list.

I would also like to make a quick shout-out to Zach Whitman for providing me and the greater community with SPARQ and measurable data both on his website and his Google Doc.  This reservoir of data has helped me immensely in writing these articles and in studying the 2016 Draft.

Finally, I've got an offensive NFL Draft board coming on Thursday. You can use during the Draft, crossing guys off after they get selected.