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NFL Draft Results: Seahawks select Germain Ifedi with 1st round pick, 31st overall

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have selected offensive lineman Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M, with the 31st overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. They had earlier traded back out of the #26 spot with Denver to pick up an additional 3rd round pick.

Ifedi addresses an obvious need for Seattle on the offensive line and could potentially play tackle or guard in the Seahawks' system. He was projected to land somewhere in the late 1st or early 2nd round by most outlets.

Here's a scouting report on Ifedi from's Lance Zeirlein.

STRENGTHS Outstanding length and overall mass. Has played guard and tackle and has ability to play either as a pro. Has athleticism to protect edge as a tackle and can step and catch late or sudden bursts inside. Good hand strength with ability to latch and lock ­up pass rushers when he lands punch inside the frame. At his best when getting on top of pass rushers with quick­-sets. Has reactive athleticism to respond to twists and blitzes. Uses length and foot quickness to open recovery doors that might slam on other linemen. Flashes hip explosion to torque defenders out of the hole as a run blocker. Has body control and change of direction talent to be a successful second level blocker. Nastier play demeanor than former Aggie tackle, Cedric Ogbuehi.

WEAKNESSES Offensive scheme limited ability to fire out. Tries to snatch with hands and hang on rather than securing blocks with leg drive. Inconsistent depth of pass sets opens up edge. Timing of combo blocks needs work. Gets in a hurry and doesn't always get first block secured. Uses more of a kick ­stomp than fluid kick­ slide. High pad level on down blocks limits leg drive to secure. Passive vertical pass sets allow easy pocket squeeze. Needs to eliminate habit of leaning into blocks. Too content to stalemate rather than dominate. Patience and discipline is a problem in pass protection. Lunges rather than letting the rep come to him.


SOURCES TELL US "I think he should have gone back (to school). I like the talent, but he didn't put it together like I needed to see to give him a first two-round grade. I see him as a guard and not a tackle." -- NFC area scout

BOTTOM LINE It wasn't long ago scouts were beating up former Texas A&M tackle Cedric Ogbuehi about a disappointing season before he went 21st overall in the draft even with a torn ACL. NFL scouts see Ifedi as a guard, but a team may decide to try him at tackle before moving him inside. Ifedi has the tools and traits to become a good NFL offensive linemen if he can avoid the leaning and lunging that plagues him. A move inside combined with NFL coaching could unlock Ifedi's high ceiling.

Here's what Dane Brugler at had to say.

STRENGTHS: Built well for the NFL with a wide base and broad shoulders, making it a chore for rushers to get around him. Stout and tough to move, rarely put on his heels.
Light lower body, moving well laterally to cut off speed and seal. Quick feet to set up shop and mirror in space. Nice job with angles to wall of run lanes. Vines for arms, using his reach to absorb rushers and create separation between him and defenders. Aggressive in protection with the upper-body strength to control blocks.

Three-year starter with experience at both tackle and guard (37 career starts).

WEAKNESSES: Wide stance, but allows his base to narrow due to sloppy footwork. Retreats too much off the snap and gets lazy with his feet. Heavy leaner with a bad habit of lunging at the waist in his pass-sets.

Tall pad level and plays with hip tightness, struggling to bend consistently at his knees. Late and wild hands, allowing rushers to attack his body and jolt him. Unreliable mechanics and poor hand placement, hugging defenders.

Needs to improve his focus to eliminate false start penalties. Tends to get complacent, falling asleep at the wheel. Missed two games his sophomore season due to a grade two MCL knee sprain (Nov. 2014).

IN OUR VIEW: Ifedi has first-round quality feet with excellent range in pass protection for his size, but plays too messy from the waist up and needs aggressive coaching in the NFL. Although his chaotic technique leads to balance issues, he can be as good as he wants if his discipline improves and his lower body traits for a blocker his size will get him drafted in the top 100 picks.

Here's what Tony Pauline wrote in his scouting report:

Positive: Three-year starter who's lined up at right tackle and guard. Versatile and athletic offensive line prospect with upside. Quick in all aspects of his game, fundamentally sound and blocks with leverage. Keeps his feet and hands active, strong at the point and moves defenders off the line to open up the running lanes. Stays square, makes good use of angles and displays footwork off the edge. Shows ability as a position blocker and nicely adjusts or recovers back to balance when defending against speed rushers. Quick out to the 2nd level and effective in motion.

Negative: Bends at the waist which hurts his balance. Inconsistent with his hands and does not properly places them into opponents. Lacks the dominant base in pass protection.

Analysis: Ifedi was a consistent three-year starter at Texas A&M and possesses the size, growth potential and upside to start at a variety of offensive line positions on Sunday.

Here's some tape on Ifedi from Draft Breakdown:



The Seahawks have 10 selections total in the 2016 NFL Draft, including four more tomorrow (Friday).

Round 1, Pick 31 (31): OL Germain Ifedi, Texas A&M
Round 2, Pick 25 (56):
Round 3, Pick 27 (90):
Round 3, Pick 31 (94):
Round 3, Pick 35 (97) (Comp pick):
Round 4, Pick 26 (124):
Round 5, Pick 34 (171) (Comp pick):
Round 6, Pick 40 (215) (Comp pick):
Round 7, Pick 4 (225) (From Cowboys):
Round 7, Pick 26 (247):