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Draft Day Sale: The Marshawn Lynch Retirement Cleats, Pete Carroll Robber Baron, and Michael Bennett Bike Ride t-shirts

Rad Field Gulls exclusive t-shirts. Seeing people in these shirts around town is probably the coolest thing ever.

Happy NFL Draft Day, everyone. It's finally here. Your patience will soon be rewarded.

While we wait for the festivities to kick off, our partners over at BreakingT are hosting a Draft Day Sale, discounting all of our FieldGulls exclusive t-shirts by 25%. Make sure to check them out. See below!! Supplies are very limited -- and there's a good chance all three sell out today.


To honor Lynch's incredible run as a Seattle Seahawk, we're partnering once again with BreakingT to bring you a t-shirt that commemorates the Beast's career and pays homage to the timelessly cool way in which he announced his retirement.




Hell of a career, Marshawn. Thanks for the memories.


Don't forget about our Pete Carroll Robber Baron t-shirt either, which is still available.

It was December 23rd, 2012. National television. The CLink was rocking.

The Seahawks had just capped a 3rd quarter 15-play, 68-yard drive with a brilliant leaping touchdown catch by Doug Baldwin from Russell Wilson. That put Seattle up 34-6 on the hated rival 49ers, captained at that time by Carroll's nemesis, Jim Harbaugh. Pete Carroll, in perfect Pete Carroll form, pimp-walked down the sideline, smirk-smacking his gum, reveling in the fact he'd thoroughly ruined Harbaugh's birthday. Yes, this was on Jim Harbaugh's birthday.

The swagger-stagger, captured by the NBC crew and converted to gif-form below, is unmistakably Carroll. You either love him or hate him for it.

Pete Carroll Robber Baron

A few edits later, a meme was born: Pete Carroll, the smug Robber Baron.


Whenever Pete Carroll's Seahawks prove they're simply better at life than everyone else, the Pete Carroll Robber Baron gif makes the rounds. It will never get old.

In many ways, that game, and that image, represent a turning point for the Seahawks, who put the NFL on notice that night by dismantling San Francisco. It's also probably my second favorite game of all time, behind only Super Bowl XLVIII. I would wager everyone has their own special memories of that night's game burned into their brains.

Our friends over at BreakingT (with the help of Field Gulls' commenters) put together this t-shirt design that captures the swagtastic Pete Carroll strut.





Finally, check out this Michael Bennett NFC Championship Bike Ride commemorative t-shirt as well.

This is what I wrote about it just a few days after it happened:

In the midst of Russell Wilson's emotional, gettin-a-little-dusty-in-here post-NFC Championship Game interview, the TV broadcast went from closeup on Wilson crying in pure, ecstatic joy, and cut to Michael Bennett, riding around the stadium on what appeared to be a mountain bike* in pure, ecstatic joy.

*(We later found out it was a cop's bike, which is even better)

I went from being on the verge of welling up to yell-laughing at the absurdity of the visual. Michael Bennett is a treasure, and this might end up becoming the most enduring memory that I carry of the game.

An iconic moment produced a rad t-shirt.





A small piece of the sales of these shirts supports a local blogger (me) so that's a nice bonus. Thanks again for checking these out!