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NFL Draft 2016: Full Offensive Draft Board

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, I finalized my guard rankings and they are reflected in the attached Draft Board.  I never made it to the defense this year, but I think this will give a good picture of how the offense may shake out tonight and over the next three days.  I have watched all the players on here for two to four games, unless their game film was extremely hard to find.  Undoubtedly, there are many players that will be drafted that did not make this board (that NFL teams can watch), but I don't have the time or resources at this moment. 

My hope next year is to build a Full Board that reflects the defense as well, and that it would cover the Draft down through at least Round 5.

A few notes before we get to the full board:

(1) I did not study fullbacks, but assuredly some will be drafted, and that will change the numbers here in the running back stack.

(2) Players that I moved since I did my original rankings I denoted with yellow -- some players were moved due to buzz (not my view on their tape), and some were just constrained a bit by the slotting of the rounds.

(3) I have estimated the number of defenders per round, but I didn't want to share the names of the defenders there because I did not study them as closely as the offense. I wanted to respect the process.

(4) The percentage next to the name is the SPARQ percentile of the player based on Zach Whitman's calculation on 3 Sigma Athlete.

(5) A few notes on the SPARQ percentile -- all OL are grouped into one (T, G, C) so the guards tend to look pretty bad when compared to other non-Guard OL.

(6) Some of the SPARQ percentiles may differ slightly from the final numbers per Zach because I may have the Combine data percentile versus a possible better Pro Day percentile.

(7) If a player does not have a SPARQ percentile it's because he did not complete a full published compliment of testing.

(8) This board is probably too heavy on offense -- especially Round 4 and down. My gut tells me I have too many offensive players- - we will see -- but because I didn't study the defense as closely I can't say for sure. The draft will show us the truth.

(9) This is not a board of who I think the Seahawks should take, and it is not just "who tested the best." This is really a board of who I think the NFL will value, and in general is "tape over testing." 

(10) I have said I prefer the Seahawks to draft Ryan Kelly at 26 if he is there, but I suspect he won't be, and that they will either take another OL or slide back for extra picks.

(11) If Seattle slides back, names that interest me in the 2nd round are: Germain Ifedi, Shon Coleman, La'Raven Clark, Joshua Garnett, Connor McGovern, Jonathan Bullard, Chris Jones, Andrew Billings, Victor Butler, Kenny Clark, Robert Nkemdiche, Bronson Kaufusi, Emmanuel Ogbah, TJ Green, Sean Davis, and Justin Simmons.

(12) Other offense names that interest me as the Draft moves down include: Jon Williams, Deandre Washington, Josh Ferguson, Malcolm Mitchell, Mike Thomas (So. Miss), Keyarris Garrett, Bryce Treggs, Devin Lucien, Joe Haeg, Tyler Johnstone, Isaac Seumalo, and Max Tuerk. 

(13) Seattle says they have 200 players with draftable grades on their board this year, and this means they probably have 90-100 offensive players.  No doubt many of those names are on this board, but probably 30 of the names on this board are off their own board, and they have names on their board that I don't know about because I am just one guy doing this in my spare time. 

(14) Lastly, in terms of the 200 players with draftable grades -- the key thing that will impact a possible trade down and UDFA recruiting for Seattle is: exactly where is the big section of these players?  Are they all down in the Rd 6-7 area, or are they sitting up on the Rd 3-5 area?  Or, are they just healthy all the way from Rd 3 all the way down through Rd 7?  The curve of where the numbers are may inform us where the hot spots to trade into are (up or down), and what areas could be had easily after the draft.  We won't know the answer to this for a few days

Without further ado, here it is.



(download and print your own with these links)

PDF: 2016 Offense Draft Board (7 Rounds)
EXCEL Sheet: 2016 Offense Draft Board (7 Rounds)