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NFL Draft 2016: Jacson Bevens' instant reaction to the Seahawks' pick

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jacson headed to our Facebook page last night to discuss the Seahawks' selection of Germain Ifedi, a tackle/guard prospect out of Texas A&M. Give it a listen.

By the way -- if you missed it yesterday with all the hubbub around the Seahawks' draft, make sure you head over and check out Jacson's new eBook, 2015 Cigar Thoughts, The Seahawks Retrospective. It's a collection of Jacson's work from last year, complete with a whole bunch of new analysis, notes, video, and interactive graphics that will blow your frickin' mind. If you're a Seahawks fan and want to re-live last season, this is a must buy, seriously.

Here's how Jacson describes his book:

The Cigar Thoughts Seahawks Retrospective is a journey back through the wild, tumultuous, exhilarating 2015 Seahawks season. On top of being a collection of the Cigar Thoughts articles (which, by the way, are laid out in a really sharp format), you'll also get:

*Dozens of handwritten notes from an after-the-season perspective
*Original artwork from renowned northwest artist Logan McQuaig from Novato Studio
*Links to highlights
*Clips from the Cigar Thoughts podcast
*Shareable social media quotes
*Instant online access as well as a downloadable version you can take with you on your phone and tablet
*Over 100 pages of content
*And a bunch of other cool features

The entire experience is only $9.95 and will not only put the whole project on all of your devices, it will give you instant online access to all of the content and features as well. I've never seen anything quite like this in sports writing before and it is an absolute honor to attach my name to it. You can pick up the book here: