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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Saturday


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Aloha! Well that's more like it. A roller coaster of a day with one pick that made complete sense, two picks that made sense after some research, and one pick that had me reminding myself that I am in no way a personnel guy paid to scout college players for an NFL franchise. Part of me is relieved that the unpredictable element is back with PCJS. Part of me is super agitated that players I want on the Seahawks are still on the board and we don't have a 4th round pick (happy to have Reed though). You know, a good old fashioned Seahawks style draft.

Reed comes in and immediately fills a need as a run stuffing DT. He is a monster against the run, hopefully will effectively fill the role left by Mebane, and a tremendous value at 49. Sure it would be nice to have an elite pass rushing DT, but the fact of the matter is an obvious option was not there at the back half of the second round, and we do still have some developmental players to try plugging in for that. What we get is a known quantity who offers both upside and consistent production. For me, a no brainer, and I'm all for it.

CJ Prosise. Well, it took a few minutes. First, I needed to finish my beer and come to terms with the fact that Tyler Ervin is almost assuredly playing for another team next year. Then, I looked up some tape. Then some more. As someone who rode David Johnson to a fantasy championship last year, CJ's natural receiving skills were both familiar and exciting. He is a smooth runner with decent vision and solid route running ability as a previous WR. Like Johnson, he comes into a team as a rookie with an incumbent starter at his position. Now don't get me wrong, this backfield belongs to Rawls. But it is nice to know that the Seahawks now have another explosive runner who has the size to carry the load if need be. Coach Carroll was quoted as saying that the team has a special role planned for him, so I'm excited to see how he develops. He will need to work on ball security as he was prone to fumbles last year, and my understanding is that he needs to develop his pass protection before he can step into a role as a third down back. The only thing, and this will be a big thing for some people, is that he has a tendency to only carry the ball in his left hand. For those of us following C-Mike, the inability to switch hands has been an issue in his transition into the pro's. Maybe CJ can correct this, maybe he can't. He only has one year as a rusher, so it's possible the team can coach this nasty habit out of him. This is the most obvious reason for his ball security issues though, so it's worth monitoring.

I actually liked Nick Vannett quite a bit as an old school TE prospect this year. I did not think he would be drafted by the Seahawks, and certainly not in the third round. But as someone who can both block and catch, he stood out to me amongst a generation of oversized WR playing TE. The man has decent hands, although he lacks the breakaway speed of a Graham or the route running of an Olsen. He doesn't do anything fantastically. What he does do is block well, and catch the ball in short passing situations when it's been asked of him. It's a combo that's increasingly rare and I'm happy to have him on the team. He could develop into a Zach Miller type, which is valuable to this scheme. Maybe it feels like a reach in round 3, but it was the end of round 3, and this front office has shown that they aren't afraid to "reach" for a player they feel offers something that they can't find later in the draft or in free agency.

Which leads me to our last pick in the third round. Rees Odhiambo. I don't get it, but that doesn't make it a bad pick. For what it's worth, I totally lost it when we drafted Aaron Curry. I was beside myself with joy. So, yeah. While it feels like a reach, again, draft position is relative to each team's board, and it sounds like Carroll (Cable) was very high on the guy. He has an amazing story, and brings a ton of maturity with his athletic upside. The major knock on him has been his inability to stay healthy thus far in his career. He projects at guard, and will add competition to the whole offensive line position group.

My biggest takeaway from yesterday was that we entered rounds two and three with 4 picks. Almost all of the players the Seahawks blogosphere were collectively coveting were there at each pick, and the team had other ideas. At the end of the day, the Seahawks are a perennial playoff team, and most of us looked at the Thomas Rawls UDFA signing as just another training camp body roster move. Have faith in the front office, or don't. They're not listening. They're too busy maintaining a championship caliber roster.

And the links!

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