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3000 NFL Mock Draft: We think we know the only 6 OL prospects the Seahawks will target in the draft now

This could be a huge breakthrough.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

After a week off, me and Rob Staton got back together to record a new episode of 3000 NFL Mock Draft and this week we've got something extra special to tell you about: Trench Explosion Formula. With this new calculation by Rob, he believes he's been able to identify the only six offensive lineman in the draft that the Seahawks will choose from, plus two wild cards. Yes, out of hundreds of o-line prospects, we now believe that Seattle will only be choosing from these six, plus one who fell just shy on TEF and another who will be their D-to-O conversion project on the line.

Who are the six? That comes in the third segment of our podcast this week. In the first part we talk about a few new names to make the news recently and then we dive into Rob's latest mock draft in part two.