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Seahawks preseason schedule 2016: Seattle faces the Chiefs, Vikings, Cowboys, Raiders

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks' 2016 preseason opponents have been announced. Once again, Seattle will face off against a couple of former AFC West opponents, but this year there's a little bit of variety. Starting in early August, Seattle will have exhibition games against the Chiefs, Vikings, Cowboys, and Raiders. It's the 11th straight year the Seahawks have faced the Raiders in the fourth preseason game. For some reason.

Here's how it shakes out:

At Kansas City, Aug. 11-15
Vs. Minnesota, on Aug. 18
Vs. Dallas, Aug. 25-28
At Oakland, Sept. 1

Keep in mind that the de facto "dress rehearsal" game comes in Week 3, against the Cowboys. That should be fun.

So, dates and order are still pending, but that rounds out the Seahawks' opponents for the entire 2016 season. We already know who they'll be facing in regular season action, and where they'll be playing them. Here's how Seattle's home and away games shake out for next season, and remember, we still don't know dates or order of these games.

Seahawks home games, 2016:

Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers
Los Angeles Rams

Seahawks road games, 2016:

New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Green Bay Packers
Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers
Los Angeles Rams