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Percy Harvin "unlikely" to play next season, per report

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks don't have to deal with the seemingly constant Percy Harvin drama anymore, but I'll admit that it's still mildly disappointing to me that Harvin did not work out in Seattle. Look, I'm over it, okay, but the thrilling potential he brought to the team -- plus that kickoff return touchdown in Super Bowl XLVIII -- those things are hard to forget. There are few players in the league more explosive than Harvin, but injuries, and potentially other variables, mean he remains a free agent.

And, per Peter Schrager, he may not even play in 2016.

There have been conflicting reports on this dating all the way back to October. Harvin, frustrated with injuries (including that hip issue that kept him out most of 2013), was reportedly mulling retirement. Then there would be a report that he was not planning to retire. Now there's this. As it often goes with Harvin, it's hard to really know what's going on behind the scenes.

Regardless, like I said, this isn't really a Seahawks issue anymore, but it's a bummer to me personally that a guy who at one point in 2012 was in the NFL MVP race is now facing potential retirement because of injury issues.