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Seahawks place Mohammed Seisay, Jeff Fuller on injured reserve

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks released cornerback Mohammed Seisay and receiver Jeff Fuller yesterday with the waived/injured designation, and after both cleared waivers today, they reverted to Seattle's injured reserve.

This means that Seattle has the option of keeping both on their injured reserve for the remainder of the 2016 NFL season or, more likely, giving each some kind of injury settlement as part of a release, with the option of signing either later once they recover from their respective injuries.

Seisay was acquired from Detroit for a 6th round pick in this year's draft, and Fuller -- a veteran of the CFL -- was signed after the season was over. If Seattle is high enough on either player, they certainly have the option of keeping them on the injured reserve all year in a developmental move.

Seattle released three other players yesterday -- defensive tackle A.J. Francis, safety Robert Smith, and defensive tackle Lars Koht -- but none were claimed on waivers. They are all now free agents -- so don't be surprised to see their names again down the road here.