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Germain Ifedi going to start inside at right guard, per Pete Carroll

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One of the reasons my full recap of the Seahawks' draft class is still ruminating is because at this point we're all still gathering as much information as possible on the players, their fit, and how Seattle's coaches plan to use them. One little tidbit of info came out this afternoon when Pete Carroll noted that the team's plan, at least to start, is to put first round pick Germain Ifedi at right guard, filling the vacancy J.R. Sweezy created when he signed with Tampa Bay.

"He's a really exciting kid,'' Carroll told Pat Kirwin on Sirius XM radio, "We thought he played really well at right tackle. But if you go back and watch him as a right guard earlier in his career, he was really good there, too. We are going to bring him in here and put him at right guard and get J'Marcus Webb at right tackle and get as big as you can get in football and see what those guys can do together.''

This is sort of the first we're hearing about this. On draft weekend, it was mostly intimated that Ifedi would be a tackle. He may end up there after a year or two (or earlier), but right now it looks like the plan is to put him inside. This fits many scouting reports we saw on Ifedi, and a lot of analysts saw him bumping inside in the pros.

Tell me if this sounds more like a tackle or a guard.

It's definitely interesting to hear Carroll talk about how the team wants to get as big as you can get in football on the right side, and keep in mind, that's the direction that a majority of runs go in football. Ifedi is 6'5, 325 pounds, and incredibly, Webb is even bigger at 6'7, 331. Tack on what John Schneider and Pete Carroll have called the only true Y-tight end in Nick Vannett on the end of the line, and you've got some beef on that side. The right side of the line is meant to be the hammer in the run game, and this combination gives Seattle a pretty intriguing lineup over there.

Take a look at some tape of Ifedi his first year as a starter, back in 2013. He's at right guard, #74.

The obvious question this brings up is what happens with the presumptive starter there in Mark Glowinski. I'm guessing this means that Glow will get thrown into the competition at left guard as well (he'll compete on the right, too, I'm sure), going up against Justin Britt, Kristjan Sokoli, Rees Odhiambo, and a few others.

Also, it begs the question: why is this the first time we're hearing about this? Tom Cable mentioned that they see Ifedi as a "cornerstone player at tackle," so that perhaps implies that the ultimate plan is to eventually move him outside to the tackle spot. Start inside before going outside. This is a common thing that some teams do. We'll see.

Listen to Carroll here: