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Do the Seahawks have the best quarterback situation in the NFL right now?

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Evan Hill's article this morning posed a question: Is Russell Wilson is the best young quarterback in the NFL? This discussion is sure to generate some interesting dialogue, but one common refrain that I saw in response from that was that we can go ahead and take the "young" out of the sentence.

I.e., is Russell Wilson the best quarterback in the NFL?

Well, I'm not sure I'm going to say that (though my soon-to-be colleague Kevin Clark did just that in The Ringer Podcast last week). But, there's an interesting new set of rankings out from Rotoworld's Pat Daugherty that asks the question:

Which NFL team has the best quarterback situation?

Obviously, many variables apply -- age, skill, leadership, etc -- and you may or may not be surprised to see who he had on top:

1. Seahawks, Russell Wilson
Last Year's Ranking: 3

Russell Wilson was the No. 75 overall pick of the 2012 draft. Four years later, he's made 74 straight starts, and is coming off a stratospheric 2015 that cemented his standing amongst the elite of the elite. You could certainly argue that Wilson still isn't as good as Aaron Rodgers, but you can't argue his age — five years younger. That's not to say youth alone is Wilson's claim to the top spot. Whereas Rodgers struggled with a bad supporting cast last season, Wilson has consistently thrived with them.

He's also been held back by a run-first scheme that finally gave way to his unique gifts in 2015. Marshawn Lynch slept through his victory lap, so Wilson took the reins of the offense and put it on his back. Wilson has no missing pieces. He's durable bordering on unbreakable, has made 10 postseason starts — including two Super Bowls — and gotten better each year. He is the envy of the league at its most important position. He is the most irreplaceable player in football, and the No. 1 reason the Seahawks will be challenging for Super Bowls for years to come.

Wilson replaces Luck at the top of the list after a disaster of a season for the Colts' signalcaller, and Aaron Rodgers keeps his spot at No. 2 going into next year.

Here's what Daugherty had to say about Wilson last year.

3. Seahawks, Russell Wilson

You could argue Seattle has the league's best quarterback situation and not be wrong. Russell Wilson has piloted back-to-back conference champions, and done so with a rogue's gallery of "weapons." His leading receiver in Super Bowl XLIX caught zero regular-season passes.

Wilson lacks Luck's size and Rodgers' arm, but is arguably the most effective dual-threat quarterback of the modern era. Wilson's deep shots are as well timed as his scrambles. He understands situational football, and how to avoid unnecessary hits as a runner. He is a humble superstar, albeit one who competes as fiercely as anybody in football. Luck vs. Wilson is open question, one that has yet to be settled. Both have married raw talent to football genius.

For me, Luck's size and arm talent give him the edge. That doesn't mean I won't be picking a different winner of this generation's Manning/Brady debate five years from now.

It's good stuff -- check it out here.