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Seahawks OTAs Day 3 pressers: Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Brandon Browner - my notes and thoughts

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The Seahawks held an open practice for OTAs on Thursday, and Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and Brandon Browner spoke to the media. I took notes.

Russell Wilson:

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  • Feels great to be back out here, play the game again. Energy out there is unbelievable, feels like we are in mid-season, just how we are practicing, all the receivers and TE's making plays. Our RB group, even though they are really young, they are really catching on quickly. And OL too. And the defense, they just bring so much energy too. It's really competitive out there, in a good way.

  • Alex Collins and C.J. Prosise look really good, Prosise wasn't out there today but you know, Collins is just a physical runner, he's ran the ball a lot. Has been in that type of offense, running down hill. He never really caught the ball before in terms of college but he has great hands. C.J. has all the talent in the world, they did a really good job of finding him and picking him. Looking forward to it. Christine Michael -- we have obviously seen what he has done, the addition he brought in the last few games last season. Obviously hopefully Thomas Rawls gets healthy again. We have a lot of great players there.

  • Obviously losing Marshawn Lynch is one of the hardest things that can happen, because he is one of the most talented players in the NFL when he played. Thinks the biggest thing is everybody stepping up, everybody leading. Similar to when Marshawn couldn't play last year. Guys stepped up and were leaders like Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, and Earl Thomas. Gonna have to have that collective group of leadership. Thinks that is a great thing, thinks that really makes the team focus on each other and really get stronger too in a way.

  • Guys like Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith were really really catching on mid-way through the season last year, got some playing time and all that. This off-season Russ was able to throw with them a bunch down in Cali. Was able to work with those guys and get that timing with those guys. Kasen made some unbelievable catches today, Kevin Smith is always on time making plays. Those two guys are big players for us. Also Paul Richardson coming back, seeing him is exciting, all the speed that he's got and his great hands, his timing and what he has been able to do. Were able to throw a lot this off-season which Russ thinks is showing up on the field right now.

  • Justin Britt is great, he is one of those guys that gets here really early and wants to be perfect on everything. He is so detail oriented in a positive way. Physical as can play, has played RT and LG. Played a little bit of everything. He is transitioning really well there. Good thing is we also have Patrick Lewis too who has played in big big games for us, won a lot of games for us too.

  • Jimmy Graham is healing really fast, he is getting out there catching footballs as much as he can. Just the communication and the meetings and all that, he is on it as good as can be. He's a great friend, a guy that is so competitive. He is a fighter, he wants to get back out on the field quickly. "He's going to be back sooner I think, than people think. He'll be ready to go." He looks really really good, catching and moving today. Thomas Rawls is in the training room every day, getting ready to go. His mentality in the weight room is fiery as can be. He brings that to the table. You noticed that when he was playing on the football field.

  • Think we did a really good job in the draft (OL) so that helps (with having new faces be up front). Germain Ifedi looks really really talented. He is huge, as big as can get. J'marcus Webb too is a really big, talented guy as well. Played a lot of football games for the Raiders, thinks he played all 16 games last season. Got Bradley Sowell too playing some LT for us right now. He can play any position, played in Arizona and they won a lot of football games too. So you got three guys that are really talented there and then we have Rees Odhiambo and Joey Hunt too. Thinks we have five guys that have come in and really have a great chance of playing and getting a lot of playing time and making a big difference for us. And we are going to need them, big opportunity for us.

  • Nick Vannett has unbelievable hands, smooth hands, his timing, he gets his head around on time, understands the route concepts, he's just a worker, keeps his head down and works and that is what you love about him. He made a lot of great plays today and has made great plays the past three OTAs. He's going to be a talented star for us, Russ thinks.

  • OTAs and the CBA constrain how much Pete Carroll and Russ can work together on furthering his understanding of playing QB, but they get 25 minutes of work together in here and there. Just continue to gain knowledge as much as they can.

  • Russ couldn't be here for rookie mini-camp but he watched Kenny Lawler making those catches, laughs, crazy hands. YouTubed a couple of his highlights too just to see him make plays. He's got great hands. He made some great plays during OTA number 2. The receiver group, there are so many guys, it's going to be competitive. Got a lot of work in the off-season. Has always done a lot of work with the receivers in the off-season but Russ is talking four times a week every week this off-season. Trying to get as many throws, catches and detail work as they could and it is showing up.

  • Thinks the experience with the receiving corps is showing up in terms of signaling, timing, routes, seeing things, recognizing things before they happen, those nuances of the game, knowing where to throw a guy and put it in a spot where only he can catch it. The trust factor is over the top. The guys are showing up, making plays.

  • The backup QBs are great in the QB room. The knowledge and the growth they are all trying to push each other with. They sit there early and make sure they understand the plays and concepts for that day. Is excited for those guys. Jake Heaps is a hometown guy but has been all over. Trevone Boykin has played a lot of big time football at TCU.

  • Had such a fiery season last year, want to keep that acceleration going and that fire going. This off-season with the receivers working down in California.

Pete Carroll:

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  • Brandon Browner has brought back such a tremendous attitude. He is so competitive. Seems he is really happy to be part of it. He is learning some new stuff, which is very good, and he looks very good at it. Fired up to have him back.

  • Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls are both making really good progress. Thomas is running and Jimmy is back to running for the first time on the field the last couple of days. Both of those guys attitudes are really good, really positive about making it.

  • We're thinking it is real possible (they'll be ready before the season starts). That is what we're thinking. We have to avoid setbacks obviously. But we're counting on that (that they'll be ready before the season starts).

  • Think we'll probably ease into training camp for both guys. Jimmy is a little farther behind than Thomas. We won't rush them at that time. We'll use all those six weeks to take advantage of.

  • It's off to a good start on the OL. Germain Ifedi has been really impressive. Really sharp. Thrilled to see he is picking stuff up so well, and it makes sense to him, and he communicates really well and he is a monster of a guy at the RG spot. So he is off to a good start. Justin has looked very solid at center, we've played him at tackle too some to just make sure we are using all the flexibility he generates for us. So he is making a good statement that he understands how to play in that area. Communication will be really important and we're starting to learn how to talk, we're still a long ways away there. Mark Glowinski is at LG, he is very comfortable, he is one of the real tough guys on our team. Anxious to add him in.

  • Garry Gilliam had a cyst in his knee he had to get fixed, taken out. Doesn't have a knee issue other than that. Did that yesterday, everything went fine. He will be out a couple weeks. Webb is still about another 10 days away. He has a calf pull he is coming back from. Really anxious to see him and put those two guys together on the right side and see what that looks like.

  • Brandon Browner is a football player, trying to find a place where he can help contribute. Bring that toughness and competitiveness that he has to add to the team. His attitude is terrific, he is playing safety and we're moving him around to do some stuff. Gives us a real special player, unique qualities and we always love that.

  • Chris Clemons really knows the definition of voluntary (not here).

  • Pete expects Gilliam back at LT for training camp.

  • Tharold Simon is doing great. He is doing everything, for all the snaps, hasn't missed anything. This is a really good look at him, this is the best we've seen him, he's the most experienced, seems to be the most settled, he understands what we are asking of him. He is going to have a great competitive opportunity because he has put together a great off-season. This is really the best he's had and he looks the best he has for us.

  • Asked about the FB situation; "Brandon Cottom is an unusual player, was a tailback in college so he has good instincts about running the football, he's got excellent hands and he's played some TE for us too. And he's 270lbs. So, it's an unusual package. He's learning the spot just like we've taught other guys over the years." Tre Madden has done a really nice job, he's a very versatile football player. He is tough, a good special teams guy, all the things you like out of the spot. Not quite as big but he looks well equipped, he will be right in there battling. Tani Tupou is a monster of a guy (6'1, 284lbs) so we'll see how those guys fit. A nice variety of those guys at this point.

  • Had a chance to see Browner play positions like what he'll play for us sometimes now when he was in New England. Saw some really good things, thought we could mix in some more stuff. He looks the part.

  • Marshawn has not been in touch.

  • C.J. Prosise has a little hip flexor thing that kinda got heated up on Tuesday. Doesn't know how long it will last but doesn't seem to be real serious.

  • Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith now have that sense of what it is like to play for us with their year of experience. They're advanced in our system, they know what is going on, they are flexible, they can play multiple spots. We're really comfortable with those guys, the QBs are comfortable with those guys. The kind of plays they make, they have uniqueness that we like. Kasen did a really nice job last year jumping in and seeing when he had his opportunity, he's looked really good, both those guys put together great off-seasons. There in a great position to compete for another roster spot.

  • We'll just sit back and see how it mixes. No rush to making choices. Always like having a variety of (WR) styles. Douglas McNeil is much different than the other guys. Deshaun Foxx is totally different than some of the other guys. We'll just wait and see. A lot will have to do with special teams. Doug and Jermaine right from the start were really good special team guys, Tyler Lockett as well. So those other guys have a great opportunity there, it has been a makeup of our receivers. Neither Kevin or Kasen got a lot done in that area last year, they started but didn't really break in, so this is a really important part of the camp for them, that they can find a spot and find roles for them. Also Kenny Lawler. Doug McNeil is a guy we've seen do a good job on special teams. So he is going to try to take that edge in competition.

  • From a physical perspective Tye Smith looks different. Looks really strengthened up, everything about him, he is stronger, faster, quicker. He looks good. Justin Britt had a terrific off-season. He and Mark Glowinski, both those guys really took advantage of a great competitive off-season, you can tell. Luke Willson has come back stronger than he has ever been for us, he looks great. There have been some pretty impressive young guys to come in here, Ifedi has been that and Rees has been that. Prosise really made a big impression to when he had his changes, speed wise and versatility wise.

  • Kam Chancellor is down in weight a couple of pounds. He is in great shape, he is in phenomenal shape. He has benefited from a great off-season. Remember last year Jeremy Lane, Kam, Earl, Sherm were all injured. Those guys are having great off-seasons. You can feel the energy they bring. Added to the overall feel and spirit of these camps so far.

  • What was so attractive about Trevone Boykin was he was such a versatile QB. He can do so many things. So many playmaking opportunities at TCU, he showed he can make the big plays in the pocket, outside the pocket, running the football, he can make those crazy things happen sometimes, where he's scrambling around, all of that, plus he has a great arm. Well he has come out here and he has kinda shown he has all that working for him. He has no problem with the learning. Pete does like that he has the makeup we can keep the offense the same if he has to play. That is a positive for him.

  • If we make the decision to keep Boykin they will have gotten through the concern of the backup QB having no NFL experience.

  • Excited about the flexibility with what Jeremy Lane and DeShawn Shead did last year, and what Browner brings. But Tharold as well, he is big and tall and can match-up with any big guys. We've got as good of flexibility as we have ever had with our guys. Kelcie McCray also adds to that, he is a very versatile safety too so we have, this is really as strong Pete has felt going into this portion of the year with versatility, and the competition is really going to be on. Does give us choices, match-up wise if it all stays somewhat the same.

  • In regards to Browner being a (rule) violator (resulting in flags) they talked today about how in his new role with the different of style of players he matches up on he has to develop his style here where that (flags) isn't a factor. We don't want that to be an issue, it has been in the past so that is a challenge for us.

  • Expects to see Michael Bennett. Think the plan is to show up when it is no longer voluntary.

  • Frank Clark came back to us in a little different makeup. Stronger, looks faster than ever, lost a few pounds, he came in a little bit leaner than he did a year ago. Man he feels great, feels like he is physically on it. Talked today about how much further he is now than he was last year. Is having a blast playing with these guys.

Brandon Browner:

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  • Means a lot to be back. Happy to have a job, happy to be playing with his friends again. Looks forward to it.

  • Loves doing the different things. Similar to what he did in New England. Be matched up on guys that fit his size. Play the run a little bit. Show his skill set he guesses.

  • Is in Seattle and doesn't even want to talk about New Orleans.

  • Matching up on tight ends in New England, matched up on guys he sees eye to eye with, tight ends, 6'6 guys who are 240+lbs.

  • Being on the outside is more of a man-to-man concept. You're a corner, on that island. Being in that box you are accounted for, from the linemen in the run. You'll get some run keys from the linemen on the line of scrimmage, it is a little different. Thinks playing corner is a one on one thing, playing basketball out on the island. In the box you are a football player.

  • Had an option to go to the Redskins but it was a no brainer where he was going to go.

  • Touchy subject (final play of the SB), trying to leave that one alone. Tries to leave it alone.

My Thoughts:

  • Well, this batch of pressers really just confirms the line of thinking I have had for quite a while. Pete raves about Tharold Simon, who I believe (barring injury) will be our starting CB2 opposite Sherm. Pete is asked about fullbacks and he instantly starts raving about Brandon Cottom first and foremost. Talk of Jimmy and Rawls being ready even before week 1 of the regular season. Video of Jimmy running around and catching passes already. Nick Vannett getting hyped for his pass catching abilities which is what I have been expecting to hear. Kasen and Kevin balling out which is exactly as I expected. I love hearing the hype about Ifedi and Glowinski. Hate hearing that Webb and Gilliam are injured, and I am extremely pessimistic when it comes to the play of Britt. Lastly I have been expecting to hear what we hear in regards to Boykin. Unless he falls apart or has a major setback I am expecting him to be our QB2 not only in '16 but for years to come. Full blown Russ clone as Russell's long term backup.

  • Russell was all smiles and laughs when he raved about Kenny Lawler. He is obviously an amazing ball catcher and play maker in the red zone but I'll be curious to see how he does against physical corner backs and when running routes outside of the red zone.

  • I'm really excited to see what Browner can do for us. If he can bring his style of play down into the box, cover TE's really well (fixing that issue for us) and roam the box to dominate against the run & is fun to think about what he can do. Browner and Kam roaming around looking for receivers to hit and RB's to hit sounds like two lions in the grass ready to eat. Apparently there is also talk and some pics showing that Browner can be that DB that blitzes the QB. Sounds good to me.