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NFL Draft 2016: Post-draft analysis of 2016 VMAC visitors

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Do the 2016 Pre-Draft VMAC visits and Private Workouts tell us anything about what the Seahawks were thinking going into the Draft? Here is my attempt at an "interpretation" of their actions.

ROUNDS 1 & 2

I think it's pretty clear that Seattle was exploring a trade down even weeks and months prior to the draft, as they set up visits or meetings with ten players that were all considered Late Round 1 or Round 2 type players.



If the Seahawks could not trade down, they probably wanted to get a feel on whether they should stick and pick a need player like Germain Ifedi or perhaps go more BPA (best player available) at that point. My gut is the "Pure BPA" move at 26 would have been to select William Jackson III (a VMAC visitor), with Seattle assuming that Jarran Reed would not be alive for them at that point. As it shook out, Jackson went in that 24-25 range that most predicted he would pre-draft.

I think Seattle knew they would be in close range for these ten players -- William Jackson, Vernon Butler, Germain Ifedi, Kevin Dodd, Chris Jones, Reggie Ragland, Hunter Henry, TJ Green, Sean Davis and Jonathan Bullard. For some of those players, in bringing them to the VMAC, the Seahawks may just have been gauging their overall market value -- more for the NFL -- and not for Seattle specifically.

With the trade up for Jarran Reed in the 2nd round, we may never know who Seattle would have selected at 56, but two players in close range had visits/meetings with the team before the draft, and both were safety/corner hybrids with good testing: T.J. Green and Sean Davis.


I think Seattle may have been targeting Rees Odhiambo late Round 3 or perhaps early Round 4, but with the pick from Denver being a bit better than perhaps they originally planned, and missing a 4th Round pick from the trade up for Jarran Reed, they go ahead and take Odhiambo here.

Interesting that another S/CB type was in that area as well -- local prospect as well -- CB Keivarae Russell.


Seattle ended up not selecting at all in Round 4 because of the trade up for Reed. Again, the two VMAC visitor players that went in that range were both defensive backs: Rashard Robinson and Miles Killebrew.


Seattle knew this may be a dead area for them in this Draft as they only had the late Round 5 pick. They traded a 2017 4th Rounder to jump back into this round to get Quinton Jefferson (John Schneider said they had a mid 3rd Round grade on him). The only player we could find that they worked out in this area was OL Spencer Drango. Drango is like Odhiambo, as he is a college left tackle that will likely play guard in the NFL.


We were able to pin Seattle to five players that ended up going in Round 6 -- and the Seahawks ended up going with center -- Joey Hunt. If Seattle had landed a center earlier in the Draft, it makes you wonder if they would have gone with defensive backs here, possibly Kevon Seymour or Will Parks.


Seattle ended up taking a receiver in Round 7 -- Kenny Lawler (not Daniel Braverman), and also went with VMAC visitor Zac Brooks, despite the fact that they had already drafted two running backs earlier in the weekend. Seattle probably felt good about the defensive players they were signing in rookie free agency at that point. as the draft was five picks from being over, and the idea of recruiting Brooks after they had already drafted two running backs perhaps led them to select Brooks here. I also think it was smart to take Lawler here, as I think he likely would have gone to the Rams to play with his college quarterback in Jared Goff if he had become a rookie free agent. When Seattle called, Lawler said teams were already calling to recruit him.


Seattle landed at least four of their visits/workouts when the Draft was over with Lene Maiava, Christian French, George Fant, and Brandin Bryant. There were 12 other players on the list that ended up going to other teams. Perhaps Seattle had already filled those positions with drafted players, or perhaps they landed some UDFA that they thought would get drafted (players like Tyvis Powell or perhaps Trevone Boykin).