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Seahawks release five players

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Time to start making some room on the roster.

With the signings of Seattle's new draft picks imminent, the Seahawks released five players, including a 7-game starter from last year in center Drew Nowak. Also released were RB Cameron Marshall, TE Ronnie Shields, DE Josh Shirley, and WR Tyler Slavin.

These moves all make sense, save for maybe the release of Shirley. Seattle drafted three running backs, pushing Marshall far down the totem pole there, and the selection of Nick Vannett means Shields is on the outside looking in for now. The addition of Kenny Lawler pushed Slavin down, and the selection of Joey Hunt did the same for Nowak.

Seattle begins a three-day rookie mini-camp this weekend and it's likely a few tryouts get pretty close looks as well. Some may even earn a contract.

In the meantime, I'm sure these five releases were told to keep their phones on. Seattle tends to churn the roster during the offseason.