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2016 NFL Draft: Salary cap hits for the Seahawks' draft picks

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A quick note on Seahawks' rookie cap hits:

All rookies make a base salary of $450k, and this will go up by $90k per season as they progress through their rookie contract for most players.

From Round 3 to Round 7,  all these players get the $90k "per year raise," but 2nd round picks and 1st round picks get a bigger raise.

For instance, Germaine Ifedi (Pick 31 overall, 1st rounder) will start at $450k, but get a $375k raise each season. Jarran Reed (Pick 49 overall, 2nd Rounder) will start at $450k but get a $222k raise each season.

To determine a player's cap hit, you simply take their signing bonus and divide it by the length of the contact (in this case- 4 (4 years)) and add that to the players base salary in that given year.

Here's the chart.