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Seahawks OTAs Pressers with Tom Cable, Justin Britt and Richard Sherman: My Notes, Relevant Tweets & Thoughts

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Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable, center Justin Britt, and cornerback Richard Sherman spoke to the media after an OTA practice on Wednesday. I took notes.

Tom Cable:

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  • Behind the idea of having Justin Britt move to center is that he thinks, like anything, the idea of finding the best five players for the line. Where are they? Who are they? We've messed around with that, kinda in the back-up thought in the past. So now it creates more competition there. Just getting everybody right for camp.

  • Britt is smart, tough, gets it, is a good communicator.

  • Justin's handle of communication on the line of scrimmage is good thus-far, but again to put a whole lot into OTAs other than you are teaching them your system, getting them ready for camp, beyond that you are really not doing anything.

  • There is a lot more communication required at center than left guard. Every play, the center has to be able to go up call everything, whether it is run or pass. Think there is a lot more of it, the demand is every play.

  • We don't look at things that way (giving Britt the bulk of work because they know what they have in Patrick Lewis). They want to put Patrick in a competitive situation with Joey Hunt and Justin, let them duke it out. Every year is a new year, some guys get better and some guys drop off, want to create the best group they possibly can.

  • Tom likes the athlete of Gary Gilliam. When you look at his transition from where he came as a tight end, being around and making the team then moving in to right tackle last year and then from Week 5 on he really played well. You have a good athlete, a smart guy who has been in it and is experienced, thinks his confidence is good enough to play over there. Pretty excited for him.

  • Both Germain Ifedi and Rees Odhiambo have picked it up well. Think Germain is very blessed that way mentally. For an example, they had him do an install last week and he did a tremendous job, and in only the first week of doing it. Good brains by both of them, they both work and want to be really really good. Exciting future for both of them.

  • Germain is the only rookie to do an install so far.

  • Definitely think Terry Poole has grown that way (leaner body), think he takes much better care of his body. His preparation, which shows in how he looks and how he is moving, is night and day from last year, which is a big move for him.

  • Joey Hunt's biggest adjustment is really just proving he can play in the NFL. He does a fantastic job of calling the box, he really needs no help from anybody. You can tell he is well versed, has enough background to plug into the NFL system. Doing a really good job.

  • J'marcus Webb had a pretty severe calf strain the week before we got started. They're hoping he'll be back next week.

  • The athlete Brad Sowell showed himself to be on film shows up on the field. He's got some toughness about him. His veteran mindset of understanding what Tom is asking and how to do it shows up. He's a cool addition.

  • Thinks Sowell is a better fit here than he was in Arizona because it is a different style of play. We're more of the athletic linemen movers, they're more, kind-of run the downhill 12 and 13 play, we call it. This allows him to express himself for the athlete he is.

  • Keep this real now, this is OTAs so this is not real ball, this is the learning phase. They want to get them as dialed in which Tom is really into where they are at right now. Thinks they are doing better than we've had in a while. Get to camp and start to do the combative part of it. Once they are schooled in it and they understand it and can talk it, can they do it in a combative manner?

  • Tom is going to coach all those new running backs. They've always done that the whole time Sherman Smith (RBs coach) and Cable have been together. Sherm is a special special running backs coach. There is a system in place here, a way it has to be read, coaches ask him to, receivers, quarterback, running backs, to coach them all. That's what we do. Those guys follow his lead on it.

  • Early impression of the new running backs picking up his scheme "very cool." Very cool, the only thing is that he wishes was C.J. Prosise was out here with the little injury he's got. Alex Collins is showing some really good stuff every day. Zac Brooks, same thing as CJ, want to see him out here healthy. They all look like they can give something to this football deep. Thinks we will be really deep there, exciting.

  • The slow start last year informs his approach this year in making sure they're on the same page in doing what is best for our QB and best for our football team. So in that regard Tom thinks it has impacted everybody.

  • Kristjan Sokoli is another guy who has taken a big jump forward. He's a guy Tom is really excited to get to camp and see how far he has come. He played center yesterday and was fantastic, he has played guard a bunch. He's on it, so it's good. Mark Glowinski has handled the jump to the left side with no issues.

  • Think Zac is going to be a heavier runner, more physical. C.J. is going to be a very athletic runner, that in space is an incredible accelerator, can catch it really well. Zac has a bit of both of those. They kinda fit what we have been.

  • The fact Germain had been a right sided player all the time is maybe the reason he is playing at RG. Tom thinks he could probably play LG. In terms of his maturation and wanting him to get settled as quickly as possible they thought it was best to leave him in a right handed stance.

  • Tom definitely thinks at some point in time Ifedi will be our RT, but right now he looks fantastic doing what they are asking him to do.

  • In regards to Nick Vannett's blocking Tom knows this: he is not afraid of it, he is a different Y-TE than we have on our football team, he is going to be more physical. Wouldn't take him back to the Zach Miller stage but he's young, so with the right training in the weight room and all that he is going to be really good that way. But everything they are asking him to do he is exactly what you want your Y-TE, because he can run and catch it too.

Justin Britt:

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  • Loves center. Really just wants to start and play. Loves the challenge, to an extent it makes him feel more important and more involved. Feels like his abilities make him capable of doing the job. Knows the offense in and out. The hardest part is seeing it from the center perspective, reading the defense and getting the calls out quick. He's so used to playing guard or tackle and listening to the center for the call to know what he is doing. It is definitely getting better and more rhythmic and he is getting more comfortable. Before OTAs and after the draft, Coach Cable called him and asked him how he felt about playing center, he said he never did it but will do whatever is asked of him. It adds to the repertoire, adds to the résumé, he guesses.

  • Has talked to Lemuel Jeanpierre a lot since he got moved to center. Is a great teacher and asset for Britt to have. Helped him understand the ins and outs, understand everything. Has slowed down the practices for Britt. First day or so things were flying, snaps were probably everywhere, but now things are consistent and he isn't even thinking about it. Is confident in himself.

  • After they moved him to guard he thought to himself he wouldn't put anything past John Schneider and Pete Carroll in regards to moving him to new spots. In college he played everything, he played in games playing every position. He played center for a spring, a lot easier, less complicated, a completely different system. Even last year when they had him play at center they played him at both tackle spots and center for emergencies.

  • After they moved him he immediately talked to Coach Cable, got film on Max Unger and some other guys in the league to study what they do. He talked to Lem a lot. Taught him the offense in like two weeks when he first got here. Has studied more at home than he had been for the center position.

  • He and Lem are really good friends just like he and J.R. Sweezy are. Always used Lem to help him, was the first to talk to him when he was brought in. They have stayed in constant contact.

  • The more you can do, is definitely losing more hair because of it (third position in three years). Is thrilled to have the opportunity. Will do all he can to make sure this turns out well. Will be good for his family and the future and the team is it works out. Wants to be one of the five they put out on the field on Sundays.

  • Asked of a center physically as opposed to a guard: In a sense if you understand the system, communicate and be a leader in there, we haven't put pads on yet but you got help on both sides almost every play. Hardest part is you do run blocking by yourself but he thinks run blocking is his strength so he thinks it's his cup of tea.

Richard Sherman:

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  • It is more the continuity than the depth of the secondary that they are very excited about. Guys that have been here, put in the work, grown with the program are starting to flourish. In terms of depth we have tremendous depth, we're happy and content with any number of guys playing in the starting lineup. Happy to have Brandon back, excited for the year.

  • Having Brandon Browner back in the locker-room is great, fantastic, like he never left. He brings a different element to the locker-room. He is a glue guy.

  • No young guy stands out because all of them are playing so well. They are all playing at a high level, they are all playing fast, all catching onto the defense really well. Thinks at this time it is just running around with chickens with your heads cut off. Once pads get on and things get more physical, we'll get a better feel for where guys are.

  • Tye Smith has had incredible growth, physically, athletically and mentally. The game has slowed down for him in a way you'd expect for a guy going from year one to two. He is reacting faster, seeing things faster, playing with more confidence. Think Tye can play inside and outside. We've got guys that are interchangeable like Jeremy Lane and DeShawn Shead. He is another guy who can play any of the spots. Think he'd be comfortable either way.

  • Flexibility of the group stands out with these guys but flexibility with the coaching staff to trust the guys to use their flexibility. That says something about how they have grown to trust them and their mentalities and abilities. To trust them in those positions.

  • Will do what they ask him to do. Lines up where they tell him to line up.

  • Says a ton about Kris Richard that the defense has maintained a really high standard through the years with different guys and schemes and concepts. Kris is a great ball coach. In its simplest form just helping guys understand how to play the game. There are guys who can coach scheme or statistics, but Kris does a great job helping guys understand how offenses are trying to attack you, increasing players' IQ and understanding of the game. That is why he gets so much respect from guys on the defensive side of the ball. Guys don't go into the game feeling unprepared.

  • Thought he had a pretty good year. Obviously dropped three or four picks and has to clean that up, but he felt like he had a good year.

  • Injury didn't affect his play, it got sore now and then but he was fine.

  • Silver lining to not making it to the Super Bowl is getting two-to-three weeks more off.

  • Incredible getting Jeremy back last year. Would have loved to have had since game one but obviously things didn't fall that way. With him they are excited for everything he brings. They're going to be incredibly versatile and experienced, won't be many they can't match up on individually or collectively as a group. Gonna be a fun challenge to put out there.

  • Thinks leadership amongst the group is the most important thing because accountability comes with it. There isn't anybody who messes up and it gets to slide. Respects that everybody gets coached up the way they do.

  • Brandon being used how he is makes a ton of sense because he is a physical player, he gets in where he fits in, he understands his responsibilities, he is a very strong man, he does a great job in the interior both in the passing game and the run fits, and his understanding of the run fits is pivotal to being able to do that.

Relevant Tweets:

My Thoughts

  • All the Britt stuff is hard to judge. I'll wait until we start getting word from reporters at camp about he looks, but even then I'll reserve my full judgement for real snaps in the preseason games. On one hand he hasn't been anything other than a disappointment, but on the other he is right in his comment about what is expected of him at center; run blocking is his strength and when pass protecting he has help on his left and right side (guards). If he can learn to snap the ball consistently well and make the right calls and adjustments then he could be something other than a negative at center.

  • I am hyped by the Tom Cable raving about Ifedi. The comments about him getting an install so quickly and understanding it and executing it. I'm pumped.

  • I am really happy to hear that Sokoli has made a big jump forward. It isn't likely he earns a starting job on the line but center and left guard will be open for competition in 2017. If he is on track to being a quality starter by then, he could compete and earn center (and become our franchise center) while Rees earns LG and locks that down until he leaves.

  • Always good to hear about a O-linemen who has dropped bad weight and is looking good and is getting positive feedback from the coaches, so I am happy to hear that about Poole. He is getting reps while Webb is out (strained calf) at RT, which is cool. The better these guys are and the more difficult it is to find who to cut the better.

  • I hadn't heard that comment about Sowell being a better fit here than he was in ARZ before. It makes sense, and it makes you wonder what can he really do for us? Obviously he'll be a backup, I have heard he's a Alvin Bailey type who can play swing T and G potentially, but as our backup LT it is cool to hear that it is possible his poor tape from ARZ is due to a bad scheme fit, and here in a good scheme fit he could look better.

  • I liked Sherman's comments about Tye Smith. While I think Simon is the guy to earn CB2, he is a injury risk so having a guy like Tye be behind him potentially ready to play...that is awesome. Would be really cool if he is another Jeremy Lane in that he can play inside and outside.

  • The comments Sherman makes about Browner are right on the money. Notice he talks up BB great play in the interior. BB isn't a cover corner anymore, play to his strengths (inside) and avoid his weaknesses (outside). Have him down in the box playing the run or zone coverage, then situationally put him man to man on a TE that is a ideal physical match-up for him. I dig it.