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A new managing editor at Field Gulls

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

With Danny Kelly leaving for The Ringer today, it was time to announce who would be taking over as managing editor at Field Gulls. Since it would be kind of weird for me to be announcing someone else as the editor, then your best guess as to who that person is at this point is probably right: It me.

I have been writing at Field Gulls since 2011, hired by Danny just a few months after he started. Since then, I sidled myself in as Danny's right-hand man whenever possible and really worked hard to help him in whatever ways I could in making this the best Seahawks website on the planet. I believe we've done that and so my goal is to keep things as stable and normal as possible. Nobody could replace Danny's writing and I certainly wouldn't try to do that, but we've also got a great stable of writers who do a lot of great work thanks to the recruiting Danny did over the last five years.

If you're interested in being a part of that future, I encourage you to start by writing consistent fanposts.