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Thank you, Field Gulls

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Today is my last day as the editor at Field Gulls. It's super surreal.

I'll be leaving SB Nation after five years, and about 40 posts shy of 10,000. That's a stupid amount of articles spread out at Field Gulls, SB Nation's mothership, and a couple of other random SB Nation satellites, and while most of those 10,000 articles were blips on your radar, I'm guessing some were informative, and hopefully a handful changed the way you watch the game. My next stop is The Ringer, Bill Simmons' new venture, and I couldn't be more excited to write about the NFL over there.

The Field Gulls community has been an enormous part of my life the past five years and I'm proud to have been a part of such a great group of writers, commenters, and readers. My time here just so happened to coincide with the Seahawks' best run of football ever, and it was an honor to cover the evolution of Pete Carroll and John Schneider's squad from a group of plucky upstarts to one of the most consistently dominant franchises in the NFL.

Being a part of the writing team here that got to cover The Tip and the Super Bowl XLVIII dismantling of the Broncos will be something I'll never forget. I'm not as keen to remember covering XLIX, but the NFC Championship comeback against the Packers that preceded it was one of the most exhilarating games we'll see in our lifetimes.

Hopefully we've helped to make Seahawks football more enjoyable to you over the last five years. Hopefully you learned a thing or two. I know I learned a ton reading and editing our writers' work here, and my football acumen is constantly challenged and sharpened with the intelligent and in-depth conversations we've had in the comments sections. This is truly a special place for Seahawks fans, and while I won't be writing here anymore, I'm not going anywhere as a reader and fan.

I want to extend a big congrats to Kenneth Arthur for being hired as the new managing editor! Kenny and I have worked closely together these past five years and I know he'll kick ass in the new role. I can't wait to see Field Gulls' excellent coverage this upcoming season -- it's only fair that he gets to preside over a Super Bowl winning season as well -- and it will be exciting watching the evolution of the Real in the Field Gulls podcast and the continued success of 3000 NFL Mock Draft with Kenny and Rob Staton.

Word up. That's all I got. Hit me up on the twitters. Thanks, Field Gulls.