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Pete Carroll, ideal pitchman for Steph Curry's new shoes, endorses Steph Curry's new shoes

When Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry revealed his new shoes recently, devoid of flash and flare, the obvious connection was that they'd be perfect for Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. The Under Armour-brand "Chef" Curry 2 Lows (which look fit to sit next to a pair of Asics on a Marshalls rack) could be situated comfortably on Carroll's feet on game day, resting snugly below a pair of khakis, and nobody would have been the wiser.

Perfect then was Carroll's endorsement of the shoes on Monday:

However, Carroll's unnatural level of competitiveness kicked in almost immediately:

He had to bring the debate straight to the people:

Of course, the Classic Air Monarchs (sure to be the hottest-selling shoe of the week now, sorry "Chef") are winning in a landslide. How about we just combine the two shoes and invent "The Currell 12," a shoe that would look absolutely no different than either of the other shoes and call it a tie.