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Kam Chancellor, holdout canceler

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor held out for two games last season, alienating himself from some fans as the team fell to 0-2, and perhaps disrupting his own rhythm as he had what many referred to as an "off" season despite making his fourth Pro Bowl. Well, Chancellor has already laid to rest any notion of a follow-up holdout even though he didn't get a new contract last year.

Chancellor had 72 total tackles in 11 games last season, with two interceptions and one forced fumble. What Pete Carroll's exact plan for Chancellor is next season is still unclear, especially with the exciting development of Kelcie McCray and the interesting signing of Brandon Browner, who looks unfit to be a starting outside corner at this stage in his career. Most likely there won't be many major changes to Kam's role on the team, but Carroll has never shown any fear in trying out star players at different places, especially as they age or wear down.