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Could the Seahawks be interested in Eugene Monroe?

Gauging the potential interest Seattle may have in the latest free agent.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after news broke of now former-Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe being released by the team, the Seahawks were thrown out by Adam Schefter as a team that could be interested.  As our very own Kenneth Arthur astutely pointed out, this may not mean anything at all.

Monroe's name has been in the news often this offseason, and not just because of his long impending release.  First, in March, he outlined his thoughts on the league's marijuana policy in a series of tweets.  He then followed that up with both a Q&A with SI's Doug Farrar and a Players Tribune piece.  Additionally, Monroe donated $80,000 to a marijuana advocacy group that's working with John Hopkins University studying the effects marijuana has on CTE.

So if we could for a moment pretend we live in a world where Adam Schefter's tweets mean something, let's talk about if the Seahawks really would be interested in signing Monroe.

Rolling back the clock to 2009, Monroe hit on one of Seattle's three ideals for offensive line when testing at the combine.  He did 23 reps of 225 on the bench press (ideal: 28), jumped a 28.5" vertical (ideal: 31") and had a 9'2" broad jump (ideal: 9').  It's now June 2016, so does that really matter?  Probably not, no.  But if he wasn't athletic enough to hit those markers as a young man entering the NFL, he almost certainly can't after years of professional football.

One of the reasons Monroe was never a huge fan favorite (or a front office favorite) was his apparent refusal to play through injuries.  First, in 2014, Monroe didn't start a playoff game against the Patriots despite being active for the game because of an ankle injury.  This past season, Monroe was placed on injured reserve in December despite the expectation that he would return during the season's final month.  If his comments on marijuana use are any indication, he's not a 'soft' player per-say, but rather one with the bigger picture in mind.  Nothing wrong with that, but that doesn't seem like the kind of ass-kicker Tom Cable has spoken of time and time again.

Finally, the team seems all in on giving Garry Gilliam a fair crack at making the left tackle spot his.  So with that in mind, as well as his lack of an athletic profile, combined with his on-field temperament, makes me doubt the Seahawks are much of an option at all for Eugene Monroe.