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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Talking Jarran Reed, Seahawks, and Alabama with Brent Taylor

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Taylor just graduated from the University of Alabama a month ago, which is also right around the time that the Seattle Seahawks drafted Jarran Reed in the second round out of that very same school. Brent wrote a piece about Jarran for FieldGulls shortly later and is a writer at the SB Nation blog Roll Bama Roll. He joined us on 3000 NFL Mock Draft this week to talk about Reed, Alabama, Nick Saban, and the other Crimson Tide players to come out in the last few years and who will be entering the NFL in the next few.

You'd think someone who was a student for two national championships and is a lifelong Alabama fan would not be as grounded and honest as Brent is, but he wasn't afraid to talk about the faults of Alabama players as much as he is able to praise the many, many great things they do as well.