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John Schneider ranked as NFL's top GM by at least one guy

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Eckel of recently ranked the top 10 GMs in the NFL and he came away with the Seahawks' John Schneider as his top choice. Said Eckel: "Schneider has done everything right in Seattle. It's why the Seahawks have become of the league's premier franchises."

This is an especially tough year for anyone to beat out John Elway for the honor, as the Broncos overcame an incredibly dire situation at quarterback to win the Super Bowl, but even Elway only came in fifth on this list after Ozzie Newsome (Ravens), Ted Thompson (Packers), and Bill Belichick (Patriots.) Now me personally, would I have Thompson ranked in the top 10? Probably not.

But what about Schneider over Belichick and Elway? I could see the negatives people would list for Schneider, like that Pete Carroll still has plenty of control and oversight over the franchise's decisions, or that they took a serious nosedive in the 2013 and 2014 drafts, and that deals for Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham haven't worked out as planned. However, Seattle has kept the core of their important players together despite the salary cap, they moved up for Tyler Lockett and got him in the third round last year, they basically "won" their standoff against Kam Chancellor last year, and they weren't the ones to dole out huge contracts to guys like Byron Maxwell. Most everything seems to be done right.

For what it's worth, Eckel writes about the Eagles, so there couldn't have possibly been any bias in the top 10 as far as Philly's GM situation goes.

Do you have any doubts about Schneider's ranking as the top GM in football?