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Free Seahawks YouTube games: Vote for which you want to see

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL will be releasing three classic full-length games on YouTube for every team this year and you can vote right now for which you want to see for the Seattle Seahawks.

They didn't make this decision easy.

While the four most recent games are all amazing and would seem to have an advantage over the 1983 game, wouldn't it be better to have a game available that many current fans have never seen? However, how can you pick against "Beastquake" or "The Comeback" or "The Tip" or a Super Bowl championship? I think one thing about the NFC Championship against the Packers is that it was a horrible game to watch for 56 minutes and you can always watch the highlights on And I would think that the Super Bowl is something a lot of fans already own on DVD. What game would you like to make an argument for in the comments?