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Real in the Field Gulls: Mina Kimes of ESPN talks Seahawks, Twitter, and Game of Thrones spoilers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The future of Real in the Field Gulls as you know it is still up in the air what with Danny leaving soon, but never fear, we're still here. (And the podcast will continue in some form, so please still go subscribe on iTunes!)

There's no better guest to have on the show as we near Danny's end (Danny note: he's not dying) than Mina Kimes, a fan favorite and staff writer for ESPN the Mag. Mina has recently been on Sportscenter and is co-hosting a Bachelorette podcast with Bill Barnwell.

This week, we talk about Game of Thrones spoilers, the relationship between sports and pop culture in 2016, hurting players feelings on Twitter, if the Jaguars will be better to watch than the Raiders, the value of Doug Baldwin, and we take your questions from Twitter. (Many of which were about the Mariners.)

Thanks as always to our generous Patreon sponsors and to David Fagerholm on the excellent theme song!