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Russell Wilson has some historic milestones to reach for in 2016

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan for your entire life, if you live and breathe the Seahawks, if you bleed green and blue, if they're the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing before you go to sleep, then by now you've probably at least heard the name Russell Wilson. But here's what you don't know: He's the quarterback of the team. Yep, and here's another little-known fact: He's good.

Wilson is one of the few QBs to go to the Super Bowl twice in his first four seasons (yep, the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl twice in the last three years, something else you probably didn't know), and he's atop or near the top of many record books for accomplishments through four seasons. So where does he stand as he heads into his fifth year?

Here are a few records for stats through a quarterback's first five seasons and how far Wilson has to go to be atop, or near the top, of these lists:

Touchdown passes

Record: Dan Marino, 168

Russell now: 106

Milestone: 33 TD shy of second-most ever through five seasons

Not only does Marino have this record locked up by a considerable amount (30 more than second-place Peyton Manning), but he did so in nine fewer games. With a full 16-game season, Wilson can match Manning's 80 of 80 starts through five seasons (another rare accomplishment only done by Manning and Joe Flacco before for QBs), and with 33 touchdowns, he can pass him for the second-most touchdowns through five seasons. That's not something most people thought was going to be within reach before last year.

Thanks to an injury last season, Wilson has five more touchdown passes than Andrew Luck. Ryan Tannehill can also make his 80th start this year, but he has only 87 touchdown passes so far.

Passing yards

Record: Peyton Manning, 20,618

Russell now: 13,974

Milestone: 4,034 yards shy of sixth-most

Wilson has been heavily criticized for not getting enough passing yards, a silly thing to still be considering in this era of football when Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford have the second and third-most passing yards since 2012. That being said, Wilson averaged 251.5 yards per game last year and can pass Flacco and Andy Dalton for most passing yards through five seasons, behind only a top five of Manning, Marino, Ryan, Drew Bledsoe, and Cam Newton. Of course, Luck and Tannehill could also still be ahead of him by the end of the season.

Wilson threw for 4,024 yards last year. He's also rushed for 2,430 yards in his career, fourth-most for a QB through four seasons. With 778 rushing yards this year, he'll pass Cam for most-ever through five seasons. He rushed for 849 yards in 2014.

Passer rating

Record: Kurt Warner, 98.2

Russell now: 101.8

Milestone: Stay above Kurt Warner

Holding this record shouldn't be hard for Wilson if he continues doing what he's already been doing. The worst passer rating of his career was 95.0 in 2014. He's been above 100 in each of his other three seasons. Only nine QBs in history have posted at least three seasons of a passer rating of 100+ over the course of their entire careers, and the record is a three-way tie for six between Manning, Steve Young, and Aaron Rodgers. He can join Tom Brady and Philip Rivers with four such seasons if he does it again in 2016.

QB wins

Record: Matt Ryan, 56

Russell now: 46

Milestone: 11 wins for most through five seasons of all-time

Call this a "team accomplishment," that wouldn't be wrong, but either way Wilson has been on the right side of the score more times than any other QB through four seasons. With an 11-5 season, he'll pass Ryan for the most wins through five seasons. As far as winning percentages go, Ben Roethlisberger might have the best with his 51-20 record through five seasons. Wilson is 46-18 right now, so if Seattle has a really good season like 14-2 or 13-3, he'll crush that one too.