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Seahawks ranked 1st in ESPN "Future Power Rankings"

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN ran an article on Monday that ranked all 32 NFL teams based on how good of shape they were in for the "next three years." Taking into account Roster, QB, Draft, Front Office, and Coaching, they polled Mike Sando, Field Yates, and Louis Riddick to find out which teams were in the best condition for 2016, 2017, and 2018 overall.

And the Seattle Seahawks came out on top.

It's an Insiders article but you get the Seahawks info for free, one of the many benefits of being first. They had an overall average score of 88.5 out of 100, mainly due to the fact that Seattle doesn't really have a single weakness in any of the five categories. Their worst rating came on their draft score (86) and that's despite the fact that they just drafted Tyler Lockett and signed Thomas Rawls only a year ago, proving that John Schneider still knows what he's doing.

If there was even one area of concern over the next three years, of course it has to do with the upcoming expiration dates on the contracts of Schneider and Pete Carroll. Given that the Seahawks rank so highly on Front Office and Coaching, that could of course have an adverse effect on their scores and their future. I (as well as Sando) have a good feeling though that things will turn out just fine on that front.

Spoiler Alert: The LA Rams and San Francisco 49ers made up two of the three worst teams.