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Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur: Spike Friedman on Seahawks, John Schneider's contract, and Mariners

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week on Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur, I talk to Spike Friedman of The Stranger, Grantland, and more. We talk about podcast etiquette, the Seahawks offensive line situation, the contracts of Pete Carroll and John Schneider, how the NFL promotes itself on TV through Hard Knocks and other projects, plus a chat about the Seattle Mariners and Ichiro's march towards 3000. We also talk about whether or not Ciara is still a viable superstar in the music community and if her marriage to Russell Wilson is as interesting to follow as the "Summer of Marshawn."

Seaside Chats is basically like Real in the Field Gulls but instead of Danny Kelly, it'll be someone new every week! #RIPDanny. #RIPRealInTheFieldGulls.

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