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Seahawks bubble watch: A logjam up the middle of the defensive logjam

Which defensive tackles can stuff themselves onto the final roster?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Locks: Ahtyba Rubin, Jordan Hill, Jarran Reed

Near locks: Sealver Siliga

Bubble busters: Quentin Jefferson, DeAngelo Tyson, Justin Hamilton, Will Pericak, Taniela Tupou, Brandin Bryant

We know for a fact that Rubin, Hill, and Reed will all be here. The only question is whether or not Hill's injured days are mostly behind him, which could of course affect the outcomes here, but we'll assume he's finally fine. The Seattle Seahawks carried about four defensive tackles last season at any given time, so that could mean that only one of the other seven guys at that position will make the team but "versatility" could save as many as two of these players.

Siliga is an interesting case. He was undrafted in 2011 and then the Seahawks got him as compensation in the John Moffitt deal with the Denver Broncos in 2013. He never played for Seattle, but he did make a start against them for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49. Siliga signed a one-year deal with the team that included a not-insignificant $200,000 signing bonus with a $50,000 roster bonus. If released, the team will save $850,000, but it would probably require a pretty substantial case to be made by one of the defensive tackles on the roster right now who most aren't expecting to make the team.

That starts with Jefferson, the rookie out of Maryland that John Schneider traded back into the fifth round to get. Pete Carroll has praised Jefferson for his versatility (keyword around here) and a good work ethic. It also seems like the fifth round has been kinder to the team than the fourth round, or even the first round oftentimes. If Jefferson can be the fourth defensive tackle and the main backup to Michael Bennett, that's something worth considering.

Hamilton was waived five times last year by three different teams, including three times by the Seahawks. He's a regular on the "taxi squad" and seems a longshot to make the 53-man roster this year.

Pericak hasn't been successful in his transition to center, was already unsuccessful as a defensive lineman, and to be honest I'm not even entirely sure what position they're trying him at anymore. He's been listed as both a center and a defensive tackle recently. Maybe they don't know either, but I doubt he makes the team.

Tyson was a seventh round pick by the Baltimore Ravens in 2012 and he played there for three seasons before getting released last September. He also seems to have some versatility along the defensive line, and Carroll has shown an ability for getting the most out of big men who might not have been in the best position to succeed, but does Tyson have enough in the tank right now to beat out the upside of someone like Jefferson or the experience of someone like Siliga?

Tupou and Bryant are both seen as hybrid defensive tackles/fullbacks, I believe. Bryant would seem to have the edge in that department and I've already listed him as someone who I think could make the team doing just that. So I wouldn't really count him as making the team as a defensive tackle so much as I did as a fullback.

Overall, I think the players who make the team at this position is pretty cut-and-dry, though they might carry one more or one less "defensive tackle" than expected: Rubin, Reed, Hill, Siliga, and Jefferson. Hamilton and Tupou on the taxi squad.