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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks Defensive Back DeShawn Shead Marries "Best Friend" Jessica Martinez | Seattle Seahawks
Defensive back DeShawn Shead is the latest Seahawk to join the 'Legion of Groom'

NFL Insiders predict future of league - Best team coach, rookie, quarterback over next five, 10 years
Which quarterback would you rather have for the next 10 years? What about rookie? Will the NFL have a new franchise anytime soon? NFL Insiders take a stab at predicting the future of the league.

Seahawks #12Tour Recap: Centralia, Vancouver, Portland & Tacoma | Seattle Seahawks
Take a look back at the best moments from the 12 Tour's summer trip south to Centralia, Vancouver, Portland and Tacoma.

2016 Seahawks Preview: How Quickly Will The New-Look Offensive Line Come Together? | Seattle Seahawks
Seattle could have a different starter at all five offensive line positions in 2016.

Jermaine Kearse not surprised Seahawks receivers finally getting respect from national media
Jermaine Kearse talked to 710 ESPN Seattle's John Clayton about the Seahawks receivers going from being called "pedestrian" to ranked the fifth-best WR group by Pro Football Focus.

Seattle Seahawks: 5 Potential Targets in 2017 NFL Draft
Even with the 2017 NFL Draft still over nine months away, it's not too early to look at what the Seattle Seahawks could do in the first round.

Most Intriguing Seahawks: No. 15, QB Russell Wilson
Each day until the start of training camp, "Brock and Salk" is counting down the 25 most intriguing Seahawks. No. 15 is quarterback Russell Wilson.

Seahawks 16 for ’16: Can tight end Jimmy Graham be a consistent difference-maker? | The Seattle Times
Acquired in a March 2015 trade, Graham arrived with expectations that probably were unrealistic. He then suffered a patellar-tendon injury in Week 11 that knocked him out for the rest of the season and led to much conjecture about when he can return, and at what level.

Packers loss vs. Seahawks ranked among worst collapses in sports
The Packers led by two scores in the fourth quarter and lost the game in overtime.

Chips in footballs won’t measure PSI . . . yet | ProFootballTalk

When news emerged over the weekend regarding the use of computer chips for determining the clearance within which field goals and extra points are being made, some suggested (sarcastically) that they chips should be used to monitor PSI levels in the footballs.

Odell Beckham becomes instant sensation in Europe -

Just a few months ago, German wideout Moritz Boehringer was the first player to be selected in an NFL Draft straight from Europe. Europe seems to have fallen in love with an American WR as well.

Victor Cruz posts video of himself making football moves | ProFootballTalk

We should find out soon when Giants training camps opens how close wide receiver Victor Cruz is to being about to play football. But until then, we've got the next-best thing: Self-posted workout video.

Aqib Talib 'feels great,' plans to be ready for camp -

Aqib Talib is less than two months removed from being shot in the leg. But he could be seen walking with a slight limp Monday and told reporters he'll be back in time for Broncos training camp.

Dolphins still don’t know Dion Jordan’s status | ProFootballTalk

A month ago, the agent for suspended Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan said he'd be reinstated by the start of training camp. But with camp starting in 10 days, the Dolphins still don't know if that's the case.

Arian Foster signs one-year deal with Miami Dolphins -

The Miami Dolphins weren't kidding about their interest in Arian Foster. Ian Rapoport reports Miami will sign the former Texans star running back to a one-year contract.

Podcast Player - What does study on patellar injuries say for Jimmy Graham?

What does the latest NFL study on patellar knee injuries forecast for Jimmy Graham? What does Russell Wilson do that he doesn't get enough credit for? Why is the NFL putting computer chips in kicking balls?

Charles Tillman's 'Peanut Punch' goes beyond gridiron -

If Charles Tillman, who announced his retirement on Monday, had a signature move on the field, it would have to be the "Peanut Punch". We get to see it used off the field in a new YouTube video.