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Russell Wilson "Barbershop Talk" on Facebook Live

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Russell Wilson made a special appearance on his Facebook page on Tuesday, doing a "Barbershop Talk" before shooting a Bose commercial. He was with his well-known-by-now "entourage" including agent Mark Rodgers. Wilson starts by talking about music, which he calls "ironic" since he's about to shoot a Bose commercial. (Probably the exact opposite of irony.)

Join our team for some "Barbershop Talk" live from the set of my Bose commercial shoot

Posted by Russell Wilson on Tuesday, 19 July 2016

It's an opportunity though to see the "human side" of Wilson, terrifying when you actually consider how much closer we are to the singularity; of course, it's also a chance for the ever-conscious-of-brand-recognition Wilson to mention that he's always got his Bose headphones on. At 8:30 or so, they switch to movie talk, an obvious nod to our famous "Real in the Film Gulls" segment of the podcast we used to do around here.

Probably the biggest revelation (to me) of the whole scene: Russell Wilson's favorite movie of all-time is Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Life. That movie. It would be shocking if that was his favorite Eddie Murphy movie all-time alone, but Wilson says it's his favorite movie period. Thank God this man is great at football.