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Seahawks put in claim for QB, lose said claim

Seattle attempted to claim former Browns QB Connor Shaw off waivers on Friday.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Wanted: Award-winning Seattle-based organization seeking professional football player to, hopefully, not play football. Must be willing to wear a head-set and hold a clipboard while staring meaningfully into the distance. Duties include donning a helmet in case of emergency and not throwing interceptions. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the ability to hold onto a football while being hit by the human equivalent of an accelerating all-terrain vehicle. Salary: up to $1,500,000 per year DOE. Height not an issue.

If you've always wanted to hand a football off to Thomas Rawls, there's never been a better opportunity than now. Tavaris Jackson allegedly assaulted his wife, Trevone Boykin allegedly struck a police officer, and Jake Heaps is a guy who can allegedly throw a football. It's no wonder that the Seattle Seahawks reportedly tried to claim the relatively unheralded but somewhat experienced Connor Shaw off waivers Friday.

Connor Shaw played his college ball at the University of South Carolina before going undrafted in 2014. He spent two years with the Cleveland Browns, playing in one game and putting up the not-quite cringeworthy line of 0 Touchdowns, 1 interception, and 177 passing yards. A preseason injury ended his 2015 season, and on June 30th he was released by the Browns.

Despite his not terribly impressive career to this point, at least three teams think highly enough of Shaw to attempt to claim him off waivers - including the Seahawks. Shaw was, however, awarded to the Chicago Bears, given their higher waiver priority.

Perhaps not so interesting is Connor Shaw per se, but what the attempt at nabbing him off waivers says about Seattle's current faith in their backup quarterback options. As much as Seahawks fans may hate to admit it, Russell Wilson is always only one awkward Aaron Donald sack away from hitting the bench, if only for a snap or two. Indeed, beneath all the current hand-wringing and angsty-grumbling over the state of the Seahawks' Offensive Line, lies this single worrisome image of the team's ninety-million-dollar star quarterback being helped off the field. What happens then? This is a luxury Seahawks fans have not had to worry about during Russell Wilson's durable four-year tenure as starting quarterback. Yet, look upon the 2015 seasons of the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens, ye lucky, and despair.

Regardless, Connor Shaw is now a member of the Chicago Bears, and I suspect the Seahawks will continue to discretely scour the waiver wire for more options at QB. Jimmy Clausen anyone?