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NFL to upload 3 full Seahawks games to YouTube in August

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has announced it's full list of free games that will be uploaded to YouTube in August (three per team) and Seattle Seahawks fans have voted for these ones to hit the streams:

Super Bowl XLVIII, Seahawks vs Broncos (30%)

2013 NFC Championship Game, 49ers at Seahawks (26%)

2014 NFC Championship Game, Packers at Seahawks (26%)

Not so lucky was the Beastquake game from the 2010 playoffs against the Saints and a 1983 playoff win over the Dolphins that helped the Seahawks reach the AFC Championship for the first and only time. So apparently all three of the most-requested games in franchise history happened within a timeframe of one year. Not that you could blame the fans for picking this way, of course; Seattle was an extremely good team over that year and the three other years around it.

I guess it's not so surprising that Super Bowl 49 wasn't voted in by Seattle fans -- though Patriots fans also got to pick three games, unfortunately.