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Seahawks salary cap spreadsheets for 2016

For a while now, I’ve created and maintained my own salary cap spreadsheets for the Seattle Seahawks. Typically, websites like Over the Cap and Spotrac have been great resources for fans of all teams. However, as I further studied the cap, I found that my mind preferred to organize information differently. Instead of contract rankings top to bottom, I found that organizing players and contracts positionally helped my mind to better understand the roster makeup of a team.

Over the past year, some of you have requested access to my sheets, so I’ve decided to make it available. It’s nothing super fancy but I do think it will help some of you to better understand how the Hawks choose to allocate their spending dollars. Jason from Over the Cap trained me initially on the salary cap so the format and numbers you see in my spreadsheet are all courtesy of Over the Cap.

One thing I’d like to note is that this sheet will reveal the “true cap space” the team currently has. Sites like OTC and Spotrac reveal to you the surface cap space, which isn’t wrong. However, teams don’t operate with those numbers behind the scenes. After accounting for miscellaneous expenditures and all contractual spending, I calculated the true team cap space. Other websites won’t do that. I’m aware these sheets aren’t perfect, however, I will continue to update them as roster cuts occur. I’ll also be adding new features as requested. I hope you find access to this helpful in clearing up any confusion.

(SB Nation is working on a new editor right now and it won’t allow us to embed spreadsheets like we’d prefer, but here is a link to one through Google Docs)