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NFL to upload 3 Seahawks losses to YouTube also

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced which three games they'd be uploading to YouTube for all 32 teams, and while the Seattle Seahawks got their three, they also happen to be on the losing end of three others that you can now watch for free for some ungodly reason.

Patriots fans voted Super Bowl 49 to be put on YouTube with a whopping 69% of the votes; that's the highest percentage that any one game got for any team.

Bengals fans voted for their Week 5 fourth quarter comeback win over Seattle last season with 32% of the vote. (Also the most-requested game by those fans.)

And finally, Falcons fans voted for Atlanta's 2012 NFC Division win over the Seahawks with 25% of the vote, even though the Falcons really kinda sucked in that game. I mean, they did build a big lead and mounted an unbelievable final drive to retake the lead, but that fourth quarter is not one that I would have imagined either team would want to relive. But Atlanta's only had a few deep playoff runs and they probably wanted to block out the Michael Vick era as much as possible.

All these games -- wins and losses -- will be uploaded in August.