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Seahawks Press Conference: Pete Carroll, Michael Bennett and Russell Wilson talk training camp

Transcripts and note from Saturday's post-practice training camp day one.

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Pete Carroll:

  • It went by too fast. Before you knew it it was over. Really good tempo. Fun being out. Did pretty good today.
  • Have been talking about how he has been more excited about the approach to this camp than he can ever remember. Where we've come from, what we've done, the guys we're working with, the coaches and continuity. Really spurred on and inspired by the guys that have been around here. The way they have handled this off-season and the way they have approached it. They got Pete all jacked up.
  • There was a meaning to three more years. That is just the next stop along the way. Knows people wonder how long he will coach, he says "I've got no end to this, I don't see it. I'm just going for it. I'm going to go as long as it is fun and good and we're winning games and all that. I don't feel any different than I felt before...matter of fact I feel better. I am under my playing weight. I'm in great shape. I am ready to go."
  • John getting his deal done was hugely important. It was hugely important that we did that first. Pete wanted to make sure, he doesn't want to do this without John. Pete wanted to make sure there were no issues with that. We saw that go through first, it took a while to get that done but it is extremely important. He is a tremendous partner and a great GM that is doing nothing but great stuff. Pete knew he wasn't going anywhere and he wanted to make sure John wasn't going anywhere.
  • Pete getting a three year extension compared to John's five just means that John is younger and wanted more security. Pete didn't care about that, it doesn't matter to him.
  • Had done some of the schooling but not as much as Pete would like. Thought they would have more opportunities but with the way the schedule it didn't work out that way. But we're doing great, we're on the topic regularly. They're growing together. Russell is still improving but he is at a tremendous level right now. You can't play like he plays without a great understanding.
  • Doesn't even want to think of the Seahawks as his last job or stop. "If this is what 65 (years old) gets you, I am jacked up. I am ready to go. I don't have any other thought about that. If you guys are worried about being 65 okay look at me. It's not that bad. I think it is pretty fun."
  • No one area that Pete is excited to see develop because there are a number of areas. They're really excited about watching the running back group develop. Really excited to see how our pass rush comes together. The tight end spot, Nick Vannett really gave us a real boost when we saw him on our field. Really excited about how all of that is going to fit together. There is always going to be a focus for us on the offensive line. It's a great looking group. But better than that there is competitive aspects of almost every position. What is going on in the middle, in the last few spots on the receiver thing is really going to be exciting because we've got some really good guys there and some guys to come challenge. Paul looked fantastic today, he was back in action with us. All around the whole field is like that. On the defense, in the secondary and at the corner spots, we have a lot of corners that can play. It's a very talented group. See it in so many different areas.
  • The guys competing for SAM linebacker are unique which makes the competition interesting. We love Mike Morgan, he has been around so long. He is a guy we know we can count on. We know what he is going to do. He understands the system. He is as rock solid in the situation as we can hope for. He's the first guy up right now. But is is wide open and Pete is really excited to see what Cassius does and is really excited to see what Pinkins does. It's just going to take some time though, they need to accumulate a lot of snaps to get that information.
  • Morgan has been on Pete's starting kick-off team for the 16th year in a row. Doesn't know how long it has been but it is a long time.
  • Michael Bennett brought a bunch of juice today. He was in great spirits and had a great attitude about it. Mike is a tremendous team player and he has always been that. Not to mention the on the field ability. He is a great factor on this club. That is why we want him to be here and find a way to make him a Seahawk until he is finished playing football. We'll see what happens.
  • Chris Clemons didn't want to play anymore. He was just done.
  • Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls are in fantastic shape. Nobody has worked harder than those two guys. He mentioned them in the first team meeting which you don't normally do for the rehab guys but the effort and what they have given to this off-season. We want to see where they are under our guidance full on. They're gonna be working twice a day and show us they can do all of that before we make the next step. But they are PUP'ing right now and then we'll see when that happens. The good thing about the PUP thing is you can take them off whenever they are ready to go. They'll take it one day at a time and keep moving.
  • Kinda looking at their return from PUP in segments. They're going to look at these first four days then there is a break and they will evaluate. If they are really looking good then they will make go ahead and make the move. Not going to be impatient at all with this but there will be a time when we want them to start to develop because they can't do stuff with the coaches yet. They are still only working with the trainers. There's plenty of time. The running back spot he (Rawls) can fit in but it is a little bit more complicated for a tight end with all the things he has to do. Pete has that in his mind for Jimmy so he can bring him along so he can be right.
  • It is important that it is the first time in three years there hasn't been a holdout. Pete thinks there is a real strong messaging in our locker-room that these guys want to be part of this thing and they don't want to be the one disrupts it. Went through a real learning process last year with Kam Chancellor holding out. Think he has helped people understand what that is all about. He has been a big inspiration to anybody that would think that way. Thinks that shows they trust they will work like crazy to help those guys get things done and help them with their specific situations.
  • Of course there was concern Bennett wouldn't report. There is always concern that there are 90 guys and any one of them could hold out.
  • Garry Gilliam was limited in practice today. He is in great shape and has already made his return but they need to ease him back into practice. Will be slowed down for two to three days here and then he'll be fine.
  • Christine Michael had a great first day, he looked fantastic today.
  • Frank Clark looked great. He is in great shape. He is really pumped up and excited for this. He will play a big role this year. Excited to have him play a lot of football for us. Pete thinks he is going to be really special.
  • Pete thinks the break of not having to go to the Super Bowl is way overrated. The break is like two weeks longer. Maybe if you want to talk about the teams that didn't get into the playoffs because that was a month or something but the two weeks aren't the factor. It is the volume of things that go on around it that fill your space. It's not the physical time. But it is a big factor. Coming off the Super Bowl is a big factor, win or lose. That is why you see teams struggle so much.
  • Brandon Browner is a monster of a football player. He's such an unusual statured person at his position so he just jumps out. We're gonna figure out how to utilize him. He's playing safety right now. He's having fun learning that spot. Playing with Kam so they are working it out. But also there are other things you can do with him to and they're already implementing how to spot him in with matchups and things like that. He is a very very unique football player. If they can keep the officials hands off their flags while he is playing that will be a big factor. That is something he has to do a good job for us. But Pete is excited because he loves unique players and he is one of a kind.
  • We're really excited about Trevone Boykin. Really think he has got some great stuff. We see a guy that really matches up with our style of play. That's comforting to know. We don't have to change how we are playing when he plays. We'll limit him but we'll still stay within the same framework. He's a really good all around player. We will see a great deal of him through the preseason and we'll get a great feel for him. We're hoping he'll just continue. We know he is a ball player. He is a ball player. He has learned the offense. He has handled everything really well. He communicates very well. His attitude has been great. And he has a terrific arm. So we're really excited about him.
  • Right now Boykin is in the number two spot. Jake had a good day today too but Pete sees the continuity that really fits there (with Boykin) so he has a great shot at that.
  • Pete thought Frank in his rookie season was flashy. He showed the high end of his play. Pete doesn't think we used him as much as we should have. He thinks we should have forced him a little bit more. They looked at the numbers and Pete wishes they would have gotten more play time out of him. That is why Pete is already telling us he is going to play a ton this season. They're going to get him all over the place and doing all the things he can do. He's really in great shape, he looks phenomenal right now. If he can really hold out to the workload they are talking about he will be spotted all over the place.
  • Sealver Siligia is out with a calf thing that happened at home during the offseason. He's just coming back from it. Doesn't have a timetable for his return.
  • Pete says "Russell is smiling a lot" as the change he has noticed since he got married.
  • C.J. Prosise felt his hamstring during the special team drills right off the bat. He's put a lot of hard work in, working with Kam and a bunch of our guys. Then he comes out here and on his first day he tweaks his hammy a little bit. Doesn't know what that means.
  • It's a huge year for Jordan Hill. It's a huge year for everybody. It is time for him to grab onto his playing opportunity. They really like Jordan but he has had the in and out thing in the lineup because he has been banged up. If he can just find good health and consistency Pete thinks he will be a good factor for us. They really like the way he plays and really like his versatility and his quickness.
  • They flipped Tanner McEvoy from defense to offense and Tupou from offense to defense. Felt they got good information from them and Pete didn't want to go too far where they don't find something out that they needed to know. Tanner is a very very versatile athlete. He loved all the variety of things he did in college. So they threw the ball to him a bit before they left and Pete thinks it is a nice opportunity to take a look at him right off the bat. We need the legs in camp and he is the real big, he's the biggest guy we've got. We'll see how he does. He's excited about it. Tani did a good job for us at fullback. He showed that he can make the transition. Pete wants to make sure he knows where he fits in with the competition on the defensive line and then he could easily flop back. Pete doesn't seem Tani as a guy that would be a full time fullback but instead a utility guy like Will Tukuafu was. That is why they made the switch right now.
  • Not the same with BrandIn Bryant, he really didn't really play much fullback. He was on the defensive line and will stay there.
  • Gilliam is looking great. He feels great, he doesn't feel any restrictions at all. He just needs to build up some workload. He is really excited about this season. He has grown so much so quickly. He is really looking forward to the challenge of playing on the left side. Kinda what we always pictured with him. Thought he was a classic left tackle. The opportunity opened up on the other side last year so this is kinda where we had hoped it would go and we'll see. Doesn't think it will take him a week before the trainers feel they can totally let him go.

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Michael Bennett:

  • Feels the same as always on this first day of camp. Chase someone who has the ball then act tired so they let you go.
  • Wanted to show up and be a great teammate and doesn't want to be a distraction for the team. Wants to be a Seahawk for the rest of his life.
  • Trying to do whatever the team asks him to do and play at a high level. Everything will take care of itself.
  • "I just want to get back to Houston, Texas and play in the Super Bowl in my home town and play against my brother [Martellus Bennett]. That's all I think about, so here to make that happen."
  • Wants to exemplify everything it is to be a great player and teammate and stay true to who you are and let everything work itself out.
  • "I think I deserve to be paid in the position that I play. I play four positions for the team. I do whatever I can to help the team win. So hopefully everything works out and you get compensated the way that you play and it'll be good."
  • In regards to his "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt: It's about social change and change economically and change with everything going on in society right now. Wants to be a great influence for the youth. Don't want to show bad character because so many look up to them as role models. Always ask kids when they tell him he is their role model, why? They say because of how he plays on the field and he says that is a terrible reason to have a role model. A role model is someone you have to look into their true character and what they do off the field. There are a lot of great players, great athletes that are great at their sports but it's about what they do off the field. How are they to their wife? To their kids? What they do for the community, the philanthropy he do. That's the stuff he thinks makes a great role model. That is what he wants to exemplify.
  • "(Athletes are) the conduits for shoes, clothes, whatever it is, drink, soda, food," Bennett said. "Athletes hold the key to what people want. We have to start using that for good and not just the dollar, the dollar. We have to make something sustainable."
  • "That's super important (for the WNBA to show support). I think women are usually stronger in that stuff then men. It takes men longer to step up. Plus the WNBA, there's not as much marketing as in the NFL and basketball. If you want to be a great influencer ... you can't let marketing dollars control you because brands control everything. I think the women in the WNBA have stood up for what they want. Most of the players in the NFL are all black. 90-80 percent of ‘em. But the NFL is broken, you don't see a lot of great players talking about things socially. Whether it's Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers -- all these guys are white. They don't have to deal with the same things we do as black players. It's not as many. In the NBA, the greatest players are at the forefront of the movement. Whether it's the CBA, whether it's changing concussions -- the greatest players aren't involved like LeBron James or Chris Paul (are in the NBA). Our grea players are sitting back taking the dollars, whether it's Cam Newton, all these guys, they're just not at the forefront trying to change what's going on. But as a great player you have to remember the guys who came before you and those people put in a lot of work. Whether it was strikes, whatever they stood up for. A lot of times we don't know our history and forget about those people. You forget to pay homage to all those guys. That's just what it is."

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Russell Wilson:

  • Thinks they are so much more mature this year compared to past years first day of training camp.
  • It's about the game, it's about each other. When you see everybody on the field participating it is fun to watch.
  • The simple goal is to win more games than the other 31 teams.
  • His 2016 goal: to just win. Win at everything he participates in.
  • To have Coach Carroll back is exciting to see, he's arguably the best coach in the NFL.
  • He has leaned out a little bit. He was 215lbs yesterday. He feels strong.
  • Day one Deshon Foxx made plays. Both QB's did great. Heaps made a couple of nice throws. Boykins did great. Luke Willson's very first play, first pass of the day he caught a ball up the seam and could have run it for a TD. Paul Richardson coming back, threw him a goal ball down the sideline and he caught it and ran it for a TD. Seeing Browner back out there is exciting, he is a good football player.
  • Thinks ultimately they want to do whatever it takes to win. Wants to score one more point, hopefully lots of points, than our opponents. Russell has thrown more footballs than anyone in his entire life to Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse other than maybe his brother. We have so much talent. The wide receivers and the tight end group.
  • Russell tries to not eat too much late at night. Try not to eat too many sugars, and that's important to Russell because of his dad's death due to diabetes.
  • Paul Richardson brings so much speed and so much excitement catching the football. He makes great moves when he gets the ball in his hands too. He's not just a fast guy he is a quick guy, he knows how to break tackles and make plays. He has worked all offseason to be ready for this moment. He had a great rookie season, he was really coming along making great plays until he got hurt.

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Relevant Tweets:

  • @Curis_Crabtree DT Sealver Siliga put on the non-football injury list to begin camp. Dealing with a calf injury. Works just like PUP list.
  • @bcondotta Also worth noting that WR Tyler Slavin was not present at practice today. Unclear what his issue is.

My Thoughts:

  • Not a ton of thoughts today seeing as it was the first day of camp. Happy to see Bennett report to camp even though I didn't doubt that he would. Everyone is healthy which is great.
  • My only other thought is Prosise getting hurt yet again. I have started to wonder what his level of durability is. He had the hip flexor during OTAs and now in five minutes he pulls his hamstring. I believe he also had some injuries in college. I am a huge fan of availability over ability so I hope him being hurt doesn't become a trend. Thankfully I am really confident about the talent we have that position so I don't worry that much.