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Doug Baldwin's 2015 season broken down by NFL Breakdowns

A great video to watch here by @SamuelRGold of NFL Breakdowns as he explains how Doug Baldwin was so successful in 2015, breaking down with incredible detail each route. For a written-down breakdown, you can also check out the article over at Some findings from that post:

- Baldwin was most-targeted in the short right, where 32 of his career-high 103 targets were sent.

- He was targeted 37 times on the all-important third down, gaining 381 yards on 23 catches.

- Baldwin caught 22-of-29 targets in the fourth quarter for 351 yards gained.

- He made the most of his opportunities on the seam route, catching 8-of-12 targets for 205 yards (25.6 yards per catch) with five touchdowns.

- They were 0-for-3 on any wheel route attempts to Baldwin.

I think 2016 will see more of the same from Baldwin and Wilson. This video had an excellent view of why it was such a successful season for Baldwin and Russell Wilson the last time around.