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Seahawks podcast: Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur and guest Rob Staton

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With Real in the Field Gulls being essentially cancelled by the loss of Danny Kelly to The Ringer, there was room for a new podcast about the Seattle Seahawks, both on this website and on the internet as a whole. As such, here is the pilot episode of "Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur" featuring familiar guest Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog.

It's pretty much just like Real in the Field Gulls - Me and someone else talk about the Seahawks and other things sometimes. Sometimes there's a third party there too. The only difference, though significant, is that Danny usually won't be there.

If you want to have your artwork or music featured on the show, you can contact us via the info provided on the podcast. I don't mind also hearing your concerns or comments about the pilot episode, it's a work in progress, though there's no guarantee that I'll care!