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Seahawks 30 under 30: Trevone Boykin's shot could come sooner than anyone expects

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have a very good roster, but what's especially nice and hopeful about their team is that the vast majority of current Seahawks are young and signed through 2017, at least. This series leading up to the regular season opener on September 11 will take a closer look at 30 such players, all of whom won't be turning 30 this year.

Player: Trevone Boykin, QB

Age: 22

How acquired: Undrafted free agent out of TCU in 2016

Free Agent: 2020

In some ways, Boykin does represent the "last man in" on this 30-under-30 series, so why an undrafted free agent rookie backup QB who might not make the team over some of the guys who you won't see on this list? (Names I won't divulge yet.)

Well, I think it's always important to keep in mind not only present value but potential future value. When you have a young untested quarterback, you have a lottery ticket. Most lottery tickets are worth literally less than nothing, but every so often someone does hit the jackpot; Russell Wilson was "worth" a third round pick in the spring of 2012 and worth a whole lot more than that by the fall of that same year. It doesn't mean that Boykin will follow the same path, it doesn't even mean he'll win a job with the Seahawks this year, but I'm certainly more intrigued by him than a bad offensive lineman or a number six cornerback.

Boykin was a four-year starter at TCU and during his junior and senior seasons, combined for 64 passing touchdowns, 17 rushing touchdowns, and 20 interceptions. He also caught a touchdown and during his sophomore campaign, caught 26 passes for 204 yards. He's also undersized with a criminal record, so it's not surprising that he went undrafted. But what has been surprising this summer is the subsequent arrest of Tarvaris Jackson and the suddenly likely outcome that Boykin will be the main backup to Wilson in 2016.

Should the Seahawks need to start Boykin at any point this year, that would likely be devastating and detrimental, but given a couple of seasons in the system and a lot of tutelage from Wilson, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and quarterbacks coach Carl Smith, Boykin could become the powerball ticket who turns into a first round pick as trade compensation ... or just a really good backup on a very cheap contract.

A look at some of Boykin's highlights at TCU: