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The Film Room: Jimmy Garoppolo 2016 preseason debut vs Saints on tape

Edit: If the video does not display, you have to click the “Watch on YouTube” button or follow this link here.

With Tom Brady suspended for four games, Jimmy Garoppolo is set to start in his place until he returns to the line-up. In this game, Garoppolo completed 11 of his 18 passes for 168 yards while getting sacked twice.

In this video breakdown, I looked at Jimmy Garoppolo’s first 18 passes in Patriots’ first preseason game of the year.

Based on the film, Garoppolo improved in the second quarter getting used to the speed and pressure of the Saints defense. The inaccuracy and the awful decision to heave the pass deep make me cautious going forward. Obviously, this is the first preseason game, but it’s something we need to look out for in future games.

The Patriots open their season on September 11, with Garoppolo set to face the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix. If he keeps the job for the next three weeks, he’ll have to face the Dolphins, Texans, and Bills.